Looking up…

She looked up and saw that I was there – – in the room, close by. There for her if she needed me: her mom, her comfort, her guide, her provider, her protection. So she lay her head back down and drifted off back to sleep confident that she was safe – – no reason to worry.

So, like her, I too lift my head up and see that you are there. You are my LORD, my heavenly Father, my strength, my comfort, savior, my provider, my guide. I have no reason to worry.

You know everything about me: the good, the bad, the awful but you love me anyway. You’ve shown mercy and blessed me in so many ways my mind can hardly comprehend. And like the diligent father you’ve scolded me when I’ve done wrong. Your unconditional love floors me.

My humble desire is to always find favor in your eyes so I may one day see you face to face — to be with you,  my heavenly Father,  forever.

“Even Here video.wmv” 

Contents written: 12/2/2014  |  Copyright 2014 Moylom Enterprises


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