THE BLIZZARD (that wasn’t)

Today, Tuesday January 27 2015, New York City woke up to the blizzard that wasn’t. Schools were closed; subways, buses and all modes of transportation were halted by 11 pm last night, and anyone caught driving after the 11 pm curfew were subject to fines of up to $300. The Mayor, Governor, and other major city officials coordinated a massive preemptive city shut-down to, in my opinion, to prevent a repeat of the under-preparation we experienced with hurricane Sandy a few years ago.

I’m not angry that they were wrong. As a matter of fact I thought it was a good idea, however there are some who now bash the mayor, governor, transportation officials, the weather forecasters and the media for hyping the storm/blizzard a lot more than necessary and causing mass hysteria for no good reason. There are others, who seem reasonable in understanding that forecasting the weather is not an exact science and believe the city erring on the side of caution was way better than the opposite and were satisfied with the ultimate outcome. There were no major accidents; no one (that I heard of) needed to be rescued since the curfew meant everyone was supposed to be home; the trains and buses weren’t derailed or stuck; and the streets were left empty so the plows and salters could go to work clearing the snow. I was scheduled to be off today anyway, so I don’t know if I would have felt differently if I had to cancel work and lose a day’s pay. But I would like to think I’m a reasonable human being and that I would have understood as I do now.

Nevertheless, the snow day allowed for me and munchkin to do a few fun indoor activities — stuff we haven’t done in a while. We cut scraps of paper into fun shapes, scoured the house for objects we could glue to the paper, then sat at the table to make or masterpieces. In so doing, I learned a few things about my munchkin’s perception of beauty and her creative style. We talked and talked and talked as she described what each item was, and why she wanted to put it in that particular spot. Then when I thought we could enjoy this activity for a little while longer she said, “Okay mom, that’s enough, let’s play some more later!” Sometimes I forget she’s only three and when we have moments like these I’m reminded why I wanted to be a mom.

We later made it outside to walk the dog and take our turn playing in the snow as so many other kids did earlier in the day. Jumping over snow banks; climbing on to snow mounds; throwing snow balls and of course the warnings of yellow snow were all part of the fun. Our time, even though cut short by the strong winds, was well spent. So much so that munchkin attempted to bring home a chunk of snow, which I’m embarrassed to admit, she bit into several times against my vehement protests and warnings of sick bellies, visits to the hospital etc.

All in all, we appreciated that the city took measures to keep us safe and we made the best of the day and the hand we were dealt. Perhaps the need to feel safe also stems from the fact that I no longer to worry about just myself but the needs of my kids as well. Being out in the snow and wind with her, trekking to and from work, would not have been much fun or safe for either of us so I’m glad we were home-bound (this time).


No patience for laces


I need a new pair of boots! But as I sit here cruising amazon.com, dsw.com and various other websites for the perfect pair in the right shape, the right color to match my other accessories, and the right price to suit my budget, the ultimate choice boils down to, “Does it have laces? If so, I don’t want it!”

The irony in all this is that hours, days and weeks have gone by and although, in all fairness, I have not been searching diligently (everyday), the amount of time it takes to find the boots I love has been enormous. I have been very patient and I usually am with many other things but I simply find shoe laces infuriating.

If you were to examine my shoe closet, none of my sneakers, shoes or boots have laces and this has been a methodical choice on my part to eliminate the pesky annoyances from my life. I’ve also started this process on my daughter’s shoes as well — currently the only ones with laces have been handed down by a generous friend or colleague and they were too cute to refuse. But alas, having her ask me to tie those pesky laces every 20 minutes (or less) is enough to make me wanna throw the little buggers in the trash!

I have often asked God why these seemingly innocent laces annoy me so, but ultimately I think HE just smiles and shakes HIS head at me. So in the mean time, while I try to do a bit of self-analysis, and accept my short-comings, I will be here searching for my next lace-less pair of boots. So far I’ve seen a couple I absolutely adore but they did not have my size . Is the universe having a laugh at my expense? Quite possibly! But it is I who will have the last laugh, for I WILL find something, even if it’s not one I ABSOLUTELY adore.


The Journey has just begun…

the journey has just begun
the journey has just begun

Swollen feet

Tired hands

Worn body

Battered heart

Overused brain

Lonely soul


I should be dead but the Lord sustains me

I am grateful for HIS mercy EVERYDAY

I am alive because of HIM

HE has a job for me to do

I will follow wherever HE leads

Contents written: January 9 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


This too shall pass…


In the midst of adversity we often lack the objectivity needed to see beyond our immediate pain and suffering. Hence, we fail to remember the vital truth that only a survivor of hardship can honestly comprehend. A truth that requires faith and patience; a truth that will set us free; a truth that is so simple and pure; a truth that ideally reads… ‘This too shall pass.’

If we look to nature, we see this truth as the circle or cycle of life: the birth, the growth, the beauty, the strength, weakness and frailty, the death. Then life springs forth again! Nature has come to terms with this inevitability but we humans resist or have somehow forgotten. However, the sooner we understand or remember that the cycle must take its course we’ll allow adversity to teach us new ways to survive – to seek strength – to rise after the fall revived – refreshed – renewed!

Here’s to new beginnings — Happy 2015!

Contents written 10/11/2010. Edited 1/1/2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises