This too shall pass…


In the midst of adversity we often lack the objectivity needed to see beyond our immediate pain and suffering. Hence, we fail to remember the vital truth that only a survivor of hardship can honestly comprehend. A truth that requires faith and patience; a truth that will set us free; a truth that is so simple and pure; a truth that ideally reads… ‘This too shall pass.’

If we look to nature, we see this truth as the circle or cycle of life: the birth, the growth, the beauty, the strength, weakness and frailty, the death. Then life springs forth again! Nature has come to terms with this inevitability but we humans resist or have somehow forgotten. However, the sooner we understand or remember that the cycle must take its course we’ll allow adversity to teach us new ways to survive – to seek strength – to rise after the fall revived – refreshed – renewed!

Here’s to new beginnings — Happy 2015!

Contents written 10/11/2010. Edited 1/1/2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


3 thoughts on “This too shall pass…”

    1. So true. Adversity teaches us to build character — to recondition the brain — to alter our perspective on life, ourselves and those around us.

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