No patience for laces


I need a new pair of boots! But as I sit here cruising amazon.com, dsw.com and various other websites for the perfect pair in the right shape, the right color to match my other accessories, and the right price to suit my budget, the ultimate choice boils down to, “Does it have laces? If so, I don’t want it!”

The irony in all this is that hours, days and weeks have gone by and although, in all fairness, I have not been searching diligently (everyday), the amount of time it takes to find the boots I love has been enormous. I have been very patient and I usually am with many other things but I simply find shoe laces infuriating.

If you were to examine my shoe closet, none of my sneakers, shoes or boots have laces and this has been a methodical choice on my part to eliminate the pesky annoyances from my life. I’ve also started this process on my daughter’s shoes as well — currently the only ones with laces have been handed down by a generous friend or colleague and they were too cute to refuse. But alas, having her ask me to tie those pesky laces every 20 minutes (or less) is enough to make me wanna throw the little buggers in the trash!

I have often asked God why these seemingly innocent laces annoy me so, but ultimately I think HE just smiles and shakes HIS head at me. So in the mean time, while I try to do a bit of self-analysis, and accept my short-comings, I will be here searching for my next lace-less pair of boots. So far I’ve seen a couple I absolutely adore but they did not have my size . Is the universe having a laugh at my expense? Quite possibly! But it is I who will have the last laugh, for I WILL find something, even if it’s not one I ABSOLUTELY adore.


2 thoughts on “No patience for laces”

  1. I have shoes with laces but I really don’t like touching them anymore than I have to. For me it’s the whole disgusting germy parts of shoes thing. Still running shoes without laces just don’t work so well for a lady with high arches and soooo laces it is.


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