Awkward PDA: Displays of insecurity

She looked over at me almost as if she could tell I had inquiring eyes.  There was something different about the way she looked at her friend. Their conversation, I couldn’t hear,  but the body language said subtly, we’re more than friends.  A few seconds later my suspicions were confirmed, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye then lay her head on her friend’s shoulder. Marking territory? How awkward!

Did she see me as a threat? Why? Her friend never returned or acknowledged the seemingly uncalled for display,  which perhaps added to her insecurity. How sad.  Insecurity is such a turn-off. What’s even more sad is that I wasn’t even interested. Even if I were, I’m not a home-wrecker, that’s just bad karma.

Unfortunately, I recognized those signs. I had seen them before in dealings with partners in my own life and observed them from the outside in the lives of others. Jealousy and insecurity are such ugly characteristics capable of very destructive outcomes.

I’m not the jealous type and ‘exit stage left’  if I discover you are or are incapable of being faithful, sincere, respectful,  appreciative, and basically a decent human.  In such circumstances I see no reason to be with you. Moreover, if you think all of the above are OK and don’t think I should leave,  then you are seriously out of your freaking mind! I’m not a doormat! Life is too short to waste it on individuals who don’t see or appreciate my value or that of others.

So back to the odd couple mentioned above…

I sincerely wish them well but for what it’s worth I see RED FLAGS and fear for their longevity. This brings back bad memories. Sigh…

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Peaceful sleep

Source: worldclass.ro (google images)
Source: worldclass.ro (google images)

I’m feeling a sense of calm today. It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon — the kind of weather that makes one want to have a nice cup of tea and crawl back into bed, which is exactly what I did. Today I rest and reflect as I spend some time with God.  No TV,  no radio blasting bad or sad news,  just Christ’s Kids Radio playing in the background (via iHeartRadio) for the little one (I love their songs too).

She finally drifted off to sleep for a nap,  the dog is relieved of her persistent harassment and is taking a nap too. The house is silent.

As I read the Bible the following text jumps out at me:

Psalm: 29. 11.

The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. – Bible Offline

How spot on and timely!  I do feel at peace and I am eternally grateful for the time to sit at Jesus’ feet hanging on to his every word.

As I continue to feel this peace washing over me, my body feels light, my eyes grow dim and I sense that I am drifting off to sleep —  blissful, wonderful, peaceful sleep. 

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Preserving the potency of your face cream

Source: bodysenseofnewburyport.com
Source: bodysenseofnewburyport.com

Have you ever purchased a face cream, was happy with the results, but by the product’s end it seemed to stop working? This has happened to me on numerous occasions. At first I thought the product was defective, but when it happened several times consistently I thought instead I was developing a tolerance for the product hence rendering it useless to me.

But one day, the lid to my jar of face cream broke and I didn’t want the whole jar to sit open for a whole month while I used it up, so I scooped out the contents into individual screw top pill jars and saved the unused ones in the fridge. Imagine my surprise when I got to the last pill jar that month only to find the cream still as potent as the day I first opened the original jar! Bingo, I had figured out the secret! By separating the contents into smaller portions there was less air exposure to the overall amount hence the original potency was preserved.

The steps I took were simple:

  • gather a few unused screw-top pill jars (6)
  • clean and sanitize pill jars with warm soapy water then a bit of rubbing alcohol
  • leave to air dry for a few minutes
  • scoop contents from the main jar of face cream into the individual pill jars (NB: Best to use a freshly opened jar)
  • seal all the pill jars, place 5 in the fridge and leave one out for immediate use

I have been amazed by how effective this simple process has been and with the contents proving to be effective to the very last drop I imagine I will save money by not having to purchase a new supply prematurely. I’m excited to hear your findings should you choose to try this little experiment. Good luck!

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Little ironies

Source: www.duskyswondersite.com
Source: http://www.duskyswondersite.com

Dog doesn’t run

I pet-sat my neighbor’s dog one weekend a few years ago and was delighted that she enjoyed jogging alongside me. I was so smitten that I decided to get a dog of my own as a running buddy since my boyfriend at the time was more interested in clowning around that actually jogging – – annoying!

A few months later,  boyfriend and I adopted a dog and she was an awesome companion but there was one problem,  she didn’t like to run. Sigh… I’m still running alone.


I prefer to buy healthy cereals. Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini-Wheats are the family favorites — Better options,  in my opinion, than the fruity artificially colored varieties. My daughter loves the flakes of Raisin Bran but doesn’t like the raisins. It’s the strangest thing since she loves grapes!

The 99 cent illusion

A new 99 cent store recently opened up in our area.  Since I’m on a budget I popped in to have a look,  hoping to find an item or two worth buying. Surprisingly, hardly any of the items were 99 cents and the ones that were should be marked as 50 cents… A waste of a good dollar!

Had the store been called a ‘5 dollar store’  I might have been less mad and actually thought I was getting a ‘steal of a deal’, even if it was a mind game.  But as it stands,  I don’t see the point in going back there.  I get more value from Dollar Tree since ALL their items are ‘actually’ one dollar. No misrepresentation.

Melting snow

While walking home from school one evening, the nearby traffic was too loud to chat, so kiddo and I walked in silence. Suddenly she asked,  “Mom,  why is the ground wet?  There’s no rain!” I explained that the snow was melting and turning into water.  “Melting?”  she asked.  I further explained that snow and water turn to ice when it’s very very cold then when it starts getting warm the ice melts returning mushy snow then to water. She then responded, “Okay mom, that’s enough talking. Be quiet. “

Surprised by her 3 yr old smart-mouthed comment I retorted, ” I WAS quiet but YOU asked me a question and I’m talking so I can answer YOUR question! “

” Mom”, she said, “why are you STILL TALKING. It’s too loud out here to talk.  Let’s just be quiet. ” Silent,  I thought to myself, ” Isn’t that why we were quiet in the first place? “

A lesson in ‘manners’ followed…


A few years ago I observed that a male friend always did the opposite of what he said. For instance he’d announce he needed to use the bathroom, but would up and walk out the front door. Ten minutes later he’d be back, from the store, still in need of using the bathroom.  It was the strangest thing since it was his apartment! So in jest I said to him once, ” You are an oxymoron. ” I was hoping for a laugh but instead he exclaimed , ” I can’t believe you just called me a moron! “

Me: ” No I didn’t.  I said oxymoron “
Him: ” Admit it, you said moron”
Me: “Ok, yes,  thanks for clearing that up!”

He walked away mad,  but convinced he’d won the argument. Needless to say we are no longer friends.

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aging, HUMOR

These old bones

It’s Jan 8 2015 – – the first deep freeze of the year. As we,  in the northern hemisphere think back to the polar vortex of 2014,  we brace ourselves with a sigh of resentment since fond memories of that period elude us like thirst-quenching water in the midst of an arid,  God-forsaken desert. We don’t need another polar vortex – – we DON’T want one!

Fast forward one day to Jan 9 and the snow is falling hard and fast. Beautiful to look at if one had the luxury to do so from inside while sipping a lovely, warm beverage. But not as fun to be in it while pushing a stroller and walking a dog. The stroller hardly wants to move!  It’s the heavy wet snow – –  the kind that makes your feet sink in requiring great effort to maneuver.  The dog understood! She knew we wouldn’t make it very far so she accomplished her requirements in record time.  Bravo!

These events were not witnessed by the kid for she was asleep and nicely bundled under the stroller’s plastic shield and a nice, fleece blanket – – safe and warm. She stayed in her little cocoon for another hour or so as doggy and I made it back inside to deice and enjoy a bit of peace and quite  as my mission to make it to work was aborted. But upon her return to the wakeful world and seeing freshly fallen snow she shrieked,  “Mommy it snowed,  let’s go build a snowman!”

I made several attempts to cultivate the enthusiasm needed to make me comply with that request but all were to no avail. My body remembered the chill from our initial trip outside – –  a chill that could be felt deep down to the bone. Plus, the anguish of re-layering was not far enough in the past to elicit any kind of forgetfulness. Therefore my response had to be calculated, for a promise, if made,  needed to be kept. “Okay honey,” I said,  “we’ll go later once the snow has stopped.”  She nodded then said,  “Okay. ” But as acceptable as the arrangement was, she made me ‘pinky promise’ – – a promise that must never be broken.

Twenty years ago,  or even ten, I would have been just as enthused about building a snowman as she,  but these old bones have seen many winters and now object to being voluntarily subjected to such torture. These old bones yearned for warmth!

The time drew nigh… “Mom,  is it later yet?”  I sighed. The only justification for embarking on such a mission was that the dog needed an extra walk since she was just recovering from a bladder infection and it would benefit her greatly.  Well,  that and the fact that I made the kid a promise. So,  reluctantly, I agreed that it was indeed ‘later’ and so the layering process began:

– 3 undershirts

– 2 sweaters with hoods

– jacket with hood

– 2 pants

– 3 pairs socks

– scarf

{Note to self: get a warmer coat, and boots}

I felt like and Eskimo.  But who am I kidding! I’m guessing Eskimos are looking at us and calling us whimps ! How dear I even compare myself to them? They probably think twenty nine degrees is hot. Sorry Eskimos!

As we made it outside,  doggy relieved herself then the kid and I proceeded to find a clean pile of snow to build a snowman. As I evaluate that moment, I have to say that I failed the kid. I made one snowball and that was all it took for me to abort that snowman-building mission. The chill,  the frost, the ice penetrated beyond all those layers of clothes and radiated to my bones. I couldn’t do it!

I dusted the ice off my gloves and buried my hands so deep in my coat pockets that I inadvertently poked a hole in the right one. “Bloody hell!”  I thought,  “when did I become old? Forty isn’t old! What in the world is going on? ”

I let the kid play some more, but the doggy,  8 yrs old  (56 in dog years), was pulling me in the direction of home.  It seemed that she too no longer enjoyed being out in the snow like before. It seemed I had found solidarity – –  she could relate to my anguish.

The kid saw that we were slowly inching away from the snowbank and instinctively inched along with us as she continued to play. Passers by smiled as they saw my dilemma and as they did I momentarily observed a difference in  attire: inappropriately scanty for the temperature vs well-bundled. I later deduced the ones with less clothes who,  in some cases,  didn’t even bother to zip up or wear a scarf,  were the ones with a car parked not too far away.  But the ‘walkers’,  like me,  were layered beyond recognition ready to brave the fierce elements and perhaps secretly protesting like I was.

My body would acclimate eventually as the winter pressed on as it has always done in the past, but for now these old bones are just not ready!

Fast forward to today,  February 2 2015: a warmer coat, boots, hat and scarf have made a world of difference! These old bones feel a lot better now but have yet to give me permission to build that confounded snowman!

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