Little ironies

Source: www.duskyswondersite.com
Source: http://www.duskyswondersite.com

Dog doesn’t run

I pet-sat my neighbor’s dog one weekend a few years ago and was delighted that she enjoyed jogging alongside me. I was so smitten that I decided to get a dog of my own as a running buddy since my boyfriend at the time was more interested in clowning around that actually jogging – – annoying!

A few months later,  boyfriend and I adopted a dog and she was an awesome companion but there was one problem,  she didn’t like to run. Sigh… I’m still running alone.


I prefer to buy healthy cereals. Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini-Wheats are the family favorites — Better options,  in my opinion, than the fruity artificially colored varieties. My daughter loves the flakes of Raisin Bran but doesn’t like the raisins. It’s the strangest thing since she loves grapes!

The 99 cent illusion

A new 99 cent store recently opened up in our area.  Since I’m on a budget I popped in to have a look,  hoping to find an item or two worth buying. Surprisingly, hardly any of the items were 99 cents and the ones that were should be marked as 50 cents… A waste of a good dollar!

Had the store been called a ‘5 dollar store’  I might have been less mad and actually thought I was getting a ‘steal of a deal’, even if it was a mind game.  But as it stands,  I don’t see the point in going back there.  I get more value from Dollar Tree since ALL their items are ‘actually’ one dollar. No misrepresentation.

Melting snow

While walking home from school one evening, the nearby traffic was too loud to chat, so kiddo and I walked in silence. Suddenly she asked,  “Mom,  why is the ground wet?  There’s no rain!” I explained that the snow was melting and turning into water.  “Melting?”  she asked.  I further explained that snow and water turn to ice when it’s very very cold then when it starts getting warm the ice melts returning mushy snow then to water. She then responded, “Okay mom, that’s enough talking. Be quiet. “

Surprised by her 3 yr old smart-mouthed comment I retorted, ” I WAS quiet but YOU asked me a question and I’m talking so I can answer YOUR question! “

” Mom”, she said, “why are you STILL TALKING. It’s too loud out here to talk.  Let’s just be quiet. ” Silent,  I thought to myself, ” Isn’t that why we were quiet in the first place? “

A lesson in ‘manners’ followed…


A few years ago I observed that a male friend always did the opposite of what he said. For instance he’d announce he needed to use the bathroom, but would up and walk out the front door. Ten minutes later he’d be back, from the store, still in need of using the bathroom.  It was the strangest thing since it was his apartment! So in jest I said to him once, ” You are an oxymoron. ” I was hoping for a laugh but instead he exclaimed , ” I can’t believe you just called me a moron! “

Me: ” No I didn’t.  I said oxymoron “
Him: ” Admit it, you said moron”
Me: “Ok, yes,  thanks for clearing that up!”

He walked away mad,  but convinced he’d won the argument. Needless to say we are no longer friends.

Contents written: February 5, 2015. Edited: February 8, 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


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