Preserving the potency of your face cream

Source: bodysenseofnewburyport.com
Source: bodysenseofnewburyport.com

Have you ever purchased a face cream, was happy with the results, but by the product’s end it seemed to stop working? This has happened to me on numerous occasions. At first I thought the product was defective, but when it happened several times consistently I thought instead I was developing a tolerance for the product hence rendering it useless to me.

But one day, the lid to my jar of face cream broke and I didn’t want the whole jar to sit open for a whole month while I used it up, so I scooped out the contents into individual screw top pill jars and saved the unused ones in the fridge. Imagine my surprise when I got to the last pill jar that month only to find the cream still as potent as the day I first opened the original jar! Bingo, I had figured out the secret! By separating the contents into smaller portions there was less air exposure to the overall amount hence the original potency was preserved.

The steps I took were simple:

  • gather a few unused screw-top pill jars (6)
  • clean and sanitize pill jars with warm soapy water then a bit of rubbing alcohol
  • leave to air dry for a few minutes
  • scoop contents from the main jar of face cream into the individual pill jars (NB: Best to use a freshly opened jar)
  • seal all the pill jars, place 5 in the fridge and leave one out for immediate use

I have been amazed by how effective this simple process has been and with the contents proving to be effective to the very last drop I imagine I will save money by not having to purchase a new supply prematurely. I’m excited to hear your findings should you choose to try this little experiment. Good luck!

Contents written 12.28.14. Edited 2.15.2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


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