Awkward PDA: Displays of insecurity

She looked over at me almost as if she could tell I had inquiring eyes.  There was something different about the way she looked at her friend. Their conversation, I couldn’t hear,  but the body language said subtly, we’re more than friends.  A few seconds later my suspicions were confirmed, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye then lay her head on her friend’s shoulder. Marking territory? How awkward!

Did she see me as a threat? Why? Her friend never returned or acknowledged the seemingly uncalled for display,  which perhaps added to her insecurity. How sad.  Insecurity is such a turn-off. What’s even more sad is that I wasn’t even interested. Even if I were, I’m not a home-wrecker, that’s just bad karma.

Unfortunately, I recognized those signs. I had seen them before in dealings with partners in my own life and observed them from the outside in the lives of others. Jealousy and insecurity are such ugly characteristics capable of very destructive outcomes.

I’m not the jealous type and ‘exit stage left’  if I discover you are or are incapable of being faithful, sincere, respectful,  appreciative, and basically a decent human.  In such circumstances I see no reason to be with you. Moreover, if you think all of the above are OK and don’t think I should leave,  then you are seriously out of your freaking mind! I’m not a doormat! Life is too short to waste it on individuals who don’t see or appreciate my value or that of others.

So back to the odd couple mentioned above…

I sincerely wish them well but for what it’s worth I see RED FLAGS and fear for their longevity. This brings back bad memories. Sigh…

Contents written Feb 18 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


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