The Gift of TIME 

wpid-gift-of-time.png.pngI heard danger in his voice. I saw evil in his eyes. I hadn’t figured out the logistics of surviving with an infant, 2 teenagers a dog, and all the bills, but I wanted him gone! I asked him to walk out of my life and leave me alone. He said no! Instead he turned my life upside down and things haven’t been the same since…

That was 3 yrs ago. The anniversary of the tragic event draws nigh. I’d forgotten about it, sort of, being busy with the kids, taxes, chores, work and just making ends meet. But today, as I book appointments for my March work schedule, the note on my calendar popped up and took me back — Back to that horrible night when… when everything changed — when the monster in human form revealed his true identity. No more pretense, no more mincing words, no more camouflage, just pure evil!

I still can’t believe this is my life. The kind of stuff one sees on 48 Hour Mystery — yep it was that insane! Most times it feels like I’m having an out-of-body experience — taken from my sane, calm life and drop into some one else’s. But it’s real, all real and everyday is a struggle to find beauty and happiness amid the chaos — to leave those horrible events in the past and to find peace and joy even now.

So here’s to that Google pop-up reminder: from now on every time I see you I will remember that God won the battle for me that horrible night and I’m still here Living, Surviving,Thriving, and finding Happiness in Jesus name. In time your reminder will no longer be a place where I come to mourn the loss of my old life, my treasured possessions (now lost forever), or my home of 15 yrs, but to celebrate the birth of my new life — the second chance granted to me by the Almighty. In time, you will be nothing more than a passing thought, buried under wonderful memories I plan to create as long as I am blessed with life to do so. And perhaps, in time, I may come to view those horrible events as a blessing and not a curse.

Thank you Lord for your mercy and the gift of time to heal my wounds, and of course, for a second chance, amen.

[Contents written: March 2 2015. Edited: March 5 2015] [Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises]


4 thoughts on “The Gift of TIME ”

  1. Blessings to you, fellow survivor! The Lord has much for you.I now, nearly a decade later, look back on that time my world was snatched from me as independence day. For the Lord had so much more for me than I ever knew.So glad He is the God of second chances. Thanks for a great reminder of that on this fine morning!

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    1. Yes, my family now has a funny little saying, “God likes drama! ”

      We coined that phrase acknowledging our our hard-headedness and how long it took us, individually, to listen to the Lord speaking. We just could not hear HIM because we were too busy doing our own thing. So He had to do something dramatic to get our attention. We get it now! We’re an independent lot, so the struggle to be in control is always there, but we’re learning that as much as we try to be in control of our lives ultimately God is the one in control. Thank goodness for that, since we humans a certainly prone to make a mess of things! ^_^


    1. Oddly enough, I barely thought about it until just now . I was so busy catching up on errands, wondering why I gave my princess her vitamins today (She’s been out of her mind rambunctious all day) and just tired after all the chaos that I took a long nap! Will say a special prayer tonight – – a prayer of thanks! Thanks for the well wishes, cheers!


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