Unexpected Blessings #2: Taxes


The best blessings are the ones we receive unexpectedly – – the lessons that sneak up on us (even from behind the accountant’s desk) – – the lessons that qualify as modern day miracles – – the lessons we are inspired to share with others for they are too good to keep to ourselves!

The following post from   mrsmariposa2014.wordpress.com explains this nicely.

Hope it brings you a bit of encouragement as you navigate this crazy world – –  finding beauty amid the chaos!

The Unexpected Thrill of Uncle Sam’s Taxes

Let’s just get this out of the way from the start:

That title?

It does not refer to a nice big fat tax return-as wonderous as those can be and certainly have been in times past.

And, no, really not crazy enough to enjoy the process of filing, even though we adore our brilliantly efficient accountant and hubby-surprise, surprise-enjoys busting her chops every year.

And she enjoys rapid-fire typing of numbers and assets and deductions, and, with delighted smirks, slaying us with surprises of her own.

Last time, it was the fact that despite spending most of the year on unemployment, we recieved a pretty dandy return neither of us expected.

This time?

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