Reading is fundamental – – something to be encouraged – – nurtured from an early age. It is through reading we learn to write, broaden our vocabulary, expand our thinking beyond our own points of view, learn to express ourselves in different ways and so much more!

What does reading mean to/do for you? Would love to hear your thoughts…



Thought this was too clever. Abstract but honest way of looking at how reading is so impactful. Download as much as you can. 

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2 thoughts on “Downloading…”

  1. Love it! Reading is where I first found there was a world beyond the narrow confines I grew up in, the major solace in trying times, and what sparked the words in my heart to come tumbling out. We are passionate about reading time in our home-every night, the kids set aside time for it. It has built their imaginations and made them well-versed on a variety of subjects. Oh, and, as a bonus, they are well above their age in reading levels! 🙂

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    1. That’s so awesome! I love that they set aside time to read.

      I just got my munchkin a library card a month or so ago and now she bursts with excitement when I mention the word ‘library’. On every visit she comes home with approx 11 books, 6 at the minimum. I love this! My boys were not into books at all, so I encouraging this as much as I can with her. I also make it a point to have her look at my mouth when we pronounce new words to ensure she learns it right the first time since it takes a long time to change bad habits of saying things incorrectly.


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