How dare you ask me to choose?!! — Part 2: Letter to the Mayor

Source: Yahoo images
Source: Yahoo images

In How dare you ask me to choose??!! — Part 1, I discussed my confusion of having to choose the ethnicity of my daughter while registering her for Pre-K. I vowed to send a letter to the Mayor, which I did, and here’s what I wrote:

Dear Mayor De Blasio,

I sincerely appreciate all your efforts to effect change in New York City since your election to office. However, as I am new to the NYC School System via my daughter now being enrolled for Pre-K, I was dumb-founded when asked to only choose ONE option for her ethnicity (pre-k application questionnaire) when she is clearly a combination of two. The kind lady handling my application politely explained that the computer system will only accept one option so I must choose only ONE. She further explained that many other parents have also found this quite unsettling but are fully aware that it is not the fault of the school itself but the fault of an outdated system.

I found this to be very unfair and quite absurd since we are in 2015 and bi-racial families have existed for many, many years. Why has the school system that profiles our kids and ultimately the ethnic composition of the families in our city not yet been updated to reflect and accept such a vital aspect of the survey system?

Please Mayor, I humbly ask that this be addressed so parents are not put in the horrible position of choosing the ethnicity of their bi-racial child(ren). If not for that reason but also consider my request for the simple fact that the survey does not accurately depict the ethnic composition of the children comprising our NYC Schools.

Mayor, I do hope you are having a wonderful Summer so far and look forward to more wonderful changes for our beloved city in your mayoral days ahead.

Blessings to you and your lovely family.

Best wishes,


I see now that I should have sat on this letter a couple days before sending as there are a few changes I should have made, but alas, I was able to send this letter via an online portal, and received an automated response to my email address. However, I sit now with bated breath not sure if I will receive an actual response from the Mayor’s office.

Do you think the Mayor/mayor’s office will respond? What do you think he would say? What do you think he should say? Am I in over my head? Should I have curtailed my activism to the occasional call to 311 to report a malfunctioning crosswalk signal or the fire hydrant open to full blast running for days? Hmm, dunno, but this event really bothered me and I’m not sure I can rest if it’s not addressed. Oh well, we’ll see… stay tuned for Part 3!

Contents written: June 23 2015  |  Edited: June 26 & June 30 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


12 thoughts on “How dare you ask me to choose?!! — Part 2: Letter to the Mayor”

  1. I think you did well to write this on behalf of a large segment of the population. Not knowing how this guy operates, hard to say what will happen next, but hopes and prayers coming your way from Kansas, friend!

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  2. I think its a lovely letter and (if the mayor sees it) you should at least get a “I feel your pain” response. I’m a letter writer too with mixed results – sometimes a personal response, often a form letter of meaningless propaganda. What I’ve found is that turning a big ship takes awareness and the efforts of a dedicated crew. So, my advice, should you have the energy, is…engage the media, engage other parents, share the burden (don’t try to do it all yourself), write more letters, settle in for the long haul, and pace yourself. Out here in Oregon, we are fighting Big Energy. They have billions at their disposal, and yet, I think the people may actually win. Good luck!

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  3. Oh, you shouldn’t feel funny about sending it. It NEEDED to be sent. I only wish you had mentioned his own family would be in the same predicament! If you wanted to be cheeky and rattle the cages a bit, you could have copied in Governor Cuomo since those two aren’t exactly playing nice these days. 🙂 Looking forward to a response from his office, and hopefully not a form letter.

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    1. Yes I thought of including his family composition but felt I didn’t really need to as it was obvious. Oh yes, didn’t think of the Cuomo factor, THAT would have certainly fired him up! I see you’ve been keeping abreast of the headshaking conundrums in these here parts (lol). That and Donald Trump running for president, oye! One can only hope my humble letter is seen.

      Thanks for the support! Happy 4th…

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