Cheating is never good!

I haven’t written anything post-worthy this past week for it seems my brain has been feeling a bit tired.  To be honest I believe my lack of energy for writing has stemmed from the fact that I’ve been neck deep in an affair. Yes, I’ve been cheating!

I know you’re all wondering what would cause me to act so irrationally and for this I have no real answer other than ‘it just happened’.

I know, I know, I’m not proud of myself or my actions, but in all fairness it is Summer and many of you have taken time off to vacation and spend quality time with your loved ones. But alas, I have no significant other, I won’t be going on a vacation, and a stay-cation has yet to be arranged as some long awaited funds are still pending thanks to the wonderful audit from the IRS. In short, I was weak, lonely and in need of some excitement!

Crossword Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Matthews (amNewYork Aug 12 2015) Image source: Moylom Enterprises photo of amNewYork page 22 8.12.2015)
Crossword Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Matthews (amNewYork Aug 12 2015)
Image source: Moylom Enterprises photo of amNewYork page 22 8.12.2015)

It started quite innocently at first, stealing away a few minutes after dinner one day, then a few minutes during my lunch break the next day, and before long every free minute I could muster. I had no idea a whole week would go by before I realized I hadn’t posted at all. There is now a small a tug of war happening between my new love and my writing/blogging and it may be necessary to find a way to make room for both before things get ugly.

In reality, I’ve had this significant other for many years, but our relationship has been on and off so the fact that it has surfaced again is no surprise, I’m just amazed it has challenged my relationship with blogging in such a profound way.

I’ve been told that confession is good for the soul for it helps bring our wrongdoings into the light and helps us to change our ways. So I am boldly confessing my love of Crossword Puzzles and my intentions to make room for it in my life alongside Blogging so cheating is not necessary in the future. It’s better to give notice and have things be in the open just as you all have done regarding your intentions to take time off for family and rest. So from hence forth I am a cheater no more and it feels great to come clean!

If I were to describe it accurately, I would say Crossword Puzzles is #2 on the list of A few of my favorite things ( see #1). And with that I’ve not only written something post-worthy (rolling eyes)  but covered 2 topics in one and all is once again well with the world!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Summer.

Best wishes,


[Feel free to read A few of my favorite things #1]

Contents written: August 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


12 thoughts on “Cheating is never good!”

  1. Congrats, very happy for you and don’t forget to express yourself via blogging, I think Love and it’s joyous effect can be spread through blog too:) Best wishes

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    1. Oh my! Thank you. Im honored. I’ll have to get on that! Hugs 🙂

      Obviously I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on since I’ve been off frolicking with, well you know who… (lol).

      I usually prefer winter to summer, but of late the winters have been pretty long (starting as early as Nov and stretching to march and even April ) so this year my perspective on summer has changed a bit. I’m enjoying the warmth except on days of high humidity. In all honesty, the summer has been mild this year.

      What are the seasons like where you are?

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      1. I have only just seen this. :/ Would you believe that I am still trying to find my way around this site 😛 (Yeah…obviously 😉 )
        I live ‘on the coast’, so we don’t have the extremes. Although our Summer can be rather relentless when it comes to humidity! Winter is not quite as cruel, but it’s not forgiving either. We never drop below 5 degrees celsius though 😉
        I am a Winter gal though – love the cold. 🙂

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