Image source: WordPress.com
Image source: WordPress.com

Yesterday,  October 29 2015 , just one month shy of our one year anniversary,  Inner Ramblings reached 200 followers.

We’re still a toddler blog compared to those out there with thousands of followers, but this is a great achievement and we owe it in part to you,  our loyal readers and to those just joining us on our journey.

Thanks a million for all your feedback in the form of views, likes, comments and reblogs. We write from the heart and try our best to keep our content relevant yet entertaining. Our topics vary widely as those of you following for a while can already tell,  but the bottom line is we appreciate that all of you have taken the time at some point or another to stop by and read.

Blessings to all of you and may we continue to have a grand time here.  Hugs and best wishes!!!



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