So my first day at the gym (Nov 23 2015) was a smashing success! And by smashing I mean: why did all those machines attack me? Omg, everything hurts! OUCH!!


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I deliberately focused on parts of the body that weren’t being targeted in physical therapy as I aim for a total body workout, and today, I’m paying the price for my bad judgement reaping the benefits of my brilliance! Yeah, I’m walking funny! Don’t laugh. But as they say,


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Physical therapy has ended and my follow up visit to the Rehab doctor ( Nov 20 2015) gave me the green light to proceed to the gym, but with caution, to prevent further injury.

There were no personal trainers available at 8:30am for my startup 30 minute free session so I proceeded slowly as warned. It’s been ages since I’ve been a member of any gym (8 yrs) so it took me a while to figure out some of the newer machines I’d never seen before. I did okay, eventually, and 2 hours later I had worked up quite a sweat and had the sore muscles to prove it.

For now my schedule will only allow one visit per week, as was the case with physical therapy, but I’ll do the doctor recommended muscle strengthening exercises at home in between until I can fit in more days at the gym.


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So here’s to excruciating pain and wishing for death feeling the burn and loving it!

Happy Holidays!!!


Note: Image 1 to 3 source: Google images

Contents written: November 23 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



11 thoughts on “Ouch!!!”

  1. I wish you lots of success.
    If you have only one day at the gym, then pick full body free weighted exercises….don’t do more than three per day…you don’t need a lot of exercises.
    You just need a few very good movements to practice.
    I would pick the squat,
    The dumbell shoulder press, and a seated cable row (if they have the machine.)
    Don’t use a lot of weight…there’s no need.
    The important thing is to feel the movement pattern being embedded into your nervous system.
    This is called mind-muscle connection.
    Trust your body…trust what feels comfortable.
    Also log your workouts with pen and paper…this organization will help you.
    Good luck girl.

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    1. You sound like a pro! ☺
      Thanks for the advice!
      Someone recommended the JEFIT app do you have any experience with that or any workout apps?


      1. Shoot for 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions per exersise.
        Use a weight you can do comfortably for 8-10 repetitions.
        DO NOT go to failure.
        If your form starts getting sloppy in the middle of the set, that means the weight is too heavy.
        If that happens..stop in the middle of the set…if you’ll continue the set dispite form breakdown…you’ll be engraving bad movement patterns into your nervous system.
        Make sure your form is clean.

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    1. Ah yes. Took me a week to recover from day one. Feels good to be getting back on track though. Missed that!

      Hope you’re having a good day (hugs)

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