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Human greatness


The terms  “Life imitating art”  and ‘Speak it into existence” come to mind when the things we say,  in earnest or in jest, manifest themselves into real life events the likes of which we never could have imagined. Is it possible that we ordinary humans,  thought by scientists to only use a small percentage of our brains,  are capable of tapping into the rest of our brain power if we so desire? Or are we simply fulfilling the Creator’s master plan for our lives of which we have no control?

Whatever your belief,  or lack thereof, I’m of the opinion that we were created to be amazing beings  capable of great feats as long as we understand that our abilities are gifts from our Creator and not our own human greatness. Understanding that we are mere mortals and humbly acknowledging, accepting and using our gifts to the best of our abilities is, I think, a key factor to living a fulfilled life.

Do you know what your gifts are? Do you accept them with grace and humility? Do you use them to the best of your abilities? Or do you ignore them hoping they’ll one day go away?

For the most part I’m happy with my gifts and put them to good use. There is one that gets me into trouble often, and at times I wish I had better control of it. It has taken me on many Rollercoaster Rides over the years and though I’m all for fun and good times, those rides of the emotional persuasion leave me quite ravaged in the end hence the reason I use that particular gift sparingly. I pray for wisdom so the Creator may guide me in its proper use,  but I seem to not quite grasp the instructions very well and may need additional tutoring.

Be that as it may, I’m thrilled when I see individuals using their gifts in unique ways and find it thoroughly amazing that with the billions of people on our planet no two of us are exactly the same, not even identical twins! Isn’t our Creator awesome? Just look at nature! Nature is His gift to us and within the vastness of it all each plant, insect, and animal is unique and also given special gifts for beauty, survival and function as part of our enormous ecosystem.

I am indeed humbled by the great mind of the Omniscient One and I pray I use my gifts for good that He may be proud to call me His treasured creation capable of human greatness via His gifts.

Tis the season of gifts and giving, love and sharing. May we all remember the ultimate gift we’ve been given as humans, God’s son, Jesus Christ, the reason for Christmas, the reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday. May we remember to cherish this gift now and always, sharing it’s goodness and value with those around us and never losing sight of its meaning.

Happy holidays and have a prosperous day… Use your gifts well!


Contents written Dec 10 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



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