Making Progress

So I now have a few gym visits under my belt since an unforeseen change in my schedule freed up a few extra days. I’ve even had my 30 minute free session with the personal trainer and was quite pleased with her knowledge since she also has some physical therapy training. The key ingredient though, was that she LISTENED!

Before we did a single activity she asked what I hoped to accomplish and I was able to explain my history with back pain and my experience at physical therapy. She did a rough draft of what I should focus on to continue with the progress I’d made so far, and then we did our 30 minutes. Of course we talked some more afterward, because any trainer worth his/her salt would want to lock in a customer for future business! But that’s not the point! If I had the cash, I would happily pay for her services because she was thorough and knew her stuff. She totally gave me a good workout in those 30 minutes and at the end showed me new ways to stretch all the muscles simultaneously. Best stretch ever!!!!


making progress
Image source: Yahoo images (buzzle.com)


I may eventually purchase a few sessions with her as a Christmas gift to myself! We’ll see…

Hope your holiday season is happy and safe.

Best wishes,



Contents written: December 8 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



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