Home for the holidays…

home for the holidays
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The bright and bubbly words
are in me, somewhere,
of happy childhood holiday memories.
But they must be repressed it seems,
buried under piles
of less than happy memories,
mostly pain —
they just can’t find their way out.
And so, my creativity seems
to be shrouded
by a bit of fog for now,
but bear with me
as I find my way through it.

The holidays bring a mix of emotions:
some of betrayal;
some of stolen treasures;
some of fear for my safety;
some of me wanting to be home with family,
but unsure of where home really is
for the family to whom
I’m expected to run
have been cause for me to run away
and not return.

So instead,
I celebrate with what family
I feel comfortable being around:
my munchkin, my pooch and myself.
This is my family now.
These are the ones to whom I run
for there is no pain here.
Just new memories
as we start over,
just us three!

So as I muster the strength
to set aside past hurts and pain
trying to focus on happier things,
I will hang my heart here,
in this temporary house,
as I listen to the sounds
of laughter and playful growls
from munchkin and doggy —
my loving family.

Our tiny tree is still lit,
and though the presents
have long been opened,
the greeting cards have been placed
back under the tree
as a reminder to be thankful
for the blessings and love
from the ones who thought of us,
from God our loving father,
who guides and protects us,
and most of all,
for my little family,
munchkin, doggy and me.

Home is where you hang your heart,
and so it seems, my heart is here
and there’s no place else I’d rather be —

Contents written: December 27 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises




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