Celebrating SnowDay: #Blizzard2016

So this is the first real snow of the season for us in the NYC area. We got a dusting the previous week but nothing to write home about.

I’m really glad #WinterStormJonas happened on a weekend so being snowed in was no problem at all. I slept,  ate,  ventured out only to walk the dog,  snacked and slept some more. That was Saturday.

Sunday,  I napped a little,  but I had to squeeze in a couple chores and a bit of fun with the little one since fresh snow can be exciting for all ages if dressed appropriately.

Munchkin had great plans to make snow angels, a snow pie, a snowman, have a snowball fight and bring snow inside to continue the fun. Of course I had to veto some of those plans but we eventually reached a happy compromise – – a SnowWoman – –  munchkin’s idea.

munchkin snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


And I  made a snowman — my rendition of one anyway. Although munchkin thought it looked like a Snow Grandma. Oh well,  art is subjective right? Too bad we couldn’t have them both in the same picture, but as you can see we pretty much used the same accessories! 😀

new age snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


I later modified mine to look more traditional but my brother thought munchkin’s SnowWoman was more creative.  He’s probably right!

traditional snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


Once we finished our creations,  she was happy and so was I. The simple things in life can bring much joy!

We hurried back inside to thaw off, then rummaged through the fridge for a final snack of the evening before shutting down the kitchen for bed. But there, in the back of the fridge, stood a half finished bottle of champagne from New Year’s Eve celebrations. “Hmm,” I thought,  “what a perfect way to end a relaxing, albeit snowed in, weekend?” So I poured myself a glass and savoured every drop. I had kept it tightly covered so I was pleased it hasn’t gone flat. Yay!!!

celebrating SnowDay
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


It’s safe to say I ate too much on Sunday since I didn’t nap as I did on Saturday, but what are snow days for? Especially when they fall on the weekend!

So here’s to #WinterStormJonas, along with the fun and relaxation it brought. Hope you were safe and enjoyed your snowday too!

Scroll down to check out a few #blizzard2016 funny photos and videos captured by others around the city.


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Moving Forward


The act of moving forward
Doesn’t necessarily involve
Making huge changes.
It can be as simple as
Realizing what opportunities
Are right before our very eyes.
~Moylom Enterprises Nov.  2015 ~


This quote was inspired by a very vivid dream on November 29 2015. Whether it was a vision/message from the Almighty or just a weird dream is yet to be seen, but the words uttered above were very clear.

I will not divulge the details of the dream,  but in the dream I knew the person who spoke the words above though I never called them by any name. In real life,  it was a face I recognized (a celebrity) but not someone I know personally.  This duality can have many meanings  or interpretations and so it is cause for much frustration/confusion. Nevertheless, it was a very profound moment both in the dream and upon waking which lead me to document it lest I forget.

I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately,  two of which had real-life significance, providing answers to questions which had puzzled me for months. So this new dream seems along the same path as the others and has my curiosity piqued. Awaiting its meaning as I pray for clarity but in the mean time feel free to offer any ideas you may have on possible meanings.

Wishing you all a spirit-filled, peaceful day/week/weekend.



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Flashing yellow lights!!!


I try to work out 3 days a week now: Monday and Friday being the constants, since I have no childcare on weekends, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday being the variables.

This week, Monday being Martin Luther King Jr holiday, started of with temps in the teens. Daycare was open, the Godsend that they are for working mothers, so I could have easily dropped munchkin off, had a good workout and gone back home to rest or to get a leg up on the pile of paperwork yet to be vanquished! But I couldn’t do it – – I couldn’t in good conscience wake my sleeping child, dress her in a hundred layers of clothes, trek with her in 40mph winds coming in off the waters to take a taxi to daycare (too cold to wait for the bus), just to spend and hour or two at the gym, then do it all again. In my head, no matter how much me time I needed, this didn’t seem like a good trade-off. So I let my munchkin sleep, I called the daycare to let them know we weren’t going to be there, and I leisurely read and did a bit of writing until she woke demanding requesting breakfast.

That day, doggie knew to make haste with her business so we could return to the warmth of our humble abode, and with that I made a big breakfast; I did a few loads of laundry; made a huge pot of lentil soup and proceeded to lounge the rest of the day since outside was certainly not human-friendly!

Tuesday rolled around – – back to school and work but my body was still in lounge mode. We tried to muster the MOJO to make it out of the house at a reasonable hour but we were 30 minutes behind. There was no way I could make it to the gym before work and at my slow pace I played it safe and just went straight to work. I didn’t think I’d have a productive workout anyway. I felt like someone kept hitting snooze and I just couldn’t get in gear.

It’s now Wednesday. Revved up from finally making it through yesterday, I’m felling a little better but not quite back to normal pace. It doesn’t matter really since today, tomorrow and Friday’s schedule won’t allow for time to the gym as I’m working 8hrs shifts instead of 6. So that’s my week! I am reluctantly taking a break and will start fresh next week, hopefully well rested and ready to hit the ground running. But I hear a snow storm is on the way so we’ll see what really happens!

Perhaps this break was all a part of God’s master plan since I’ve been pushing at full steam for weeks now and will be pushing even harder as things are about to get hectic with a mountain of paperwork to compile into reports due by tax deadline (April 15).

I usually skate in at the wire with these reports and it’s perhaps no secret now that high-stress pretty much describes my routine existence. But I’m slowly learning to cut back even if I need to be clobbered over the head by external forces to actually take notice of the ‘flashing yellow lights’ saying, “SLOW DOWN!!!”.

Numbers + Reports + Deadlines = Madness!!!

Yep! It’s all numbers. I hate this aspect if being in business but it must be done.

So if between now and April (Tax time), you notice my posts or reading of yours seem a bit sporadic just know I’m around but just not able to be as committed as normal.

With that said, thanks as always for sticking with me through the good times and bad. The time you take to share your thoughts is appreciated more than you know.

Hope your 2016 is off to a great start. Have a lovely day ☺


[If you need to practice whistling here’s your opportunity!!! Check out this song 😀]




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Finding My Center: Hope is rising!

For the last month I’ve been training my body to wake at a new time,  4am, instead of my usual 4:30 or 5am. Without a doubt it’s been brutal,  but I figured if I can squeeze in an hour before work to get to the gym, then rush like mad to get my usual quota of work done, and still leave work on time to pickup up munchkin from daycare without incurring late fees, then by golly I can find time to pray and study God’s Word.

Things started off beautifully, then, due to a grueling work schedule (pre-Christmas rush) and pushing a little harder at the gym, my body relented. I slept through a few of those 4 am alarms and have been battling a bit of foot pain as well since they need to get used to the pressure of running again. But by the end of the week I was crumbling under the pressure. My body felt weak, and I was literally shaking all over after my Friday workout which lead me to the conclusion, ‘Something’s got to give’!

I spent all day Saturday resting, as is customary, and by Saturday night I was tackling chores again since I can’t seem to stay ahead of the laundry no matter how hard I try — time for a bigger washer! But the one thing that was forceful as I puttered back and forth between paper work for my job, writing for my blog, and chores, is that I need to let go of some unnecessary stuff and focus only on the things that matter most — I need to find my center — an acceptable middle ground.

I’m not sure how I will accomplish that since I’m an army of one with not much external support or finances to hire additional help, so for now it seems I’m a little stuck. Leaving some things undone or rotating cyclically may be a temporary solution , and letting munchkin do a few things herself may help also. But a bit of comfort came this afternoon, quite unexpectedly, in the form of a daily devotional text message, and it gave me the inspiration I needed to keep moving forward:

Jeremiah: 29.
11. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
12. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
13. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
– Bible Offline

See, I don’t remember signing up for daily devotional texts, they just started appearing one day and I’m not sure of the source. But what I am sure of is that the messages are timely and I am being blessed by the Word. I am grateful for this bit of hope as I know it can be harder to trust when life knocks us around more times than we can count.

So in turn, I am sharing the love and hope with you, just as I’ve shared the hurt and the pain. You’ve all been along for the ride in good times and bad, so here we go for another adventure!

Love you all for reading and following. Have a fabulous day.


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Rocking out… FULL BLAST !!!

Image source: Google images (happynewyear2015x.net)

Though my New Year
seems to be
off to a great start
something still seems
Happy New Year
to you
where ever you are!

[Great speakers or headphones are a must for this one…Turn it up!!!]

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