Celebrating SnowDay: #Blizzard2016

So this is the first real snow of the season for us in the NYC area. We got a dusting the previous week but nothing to write home about.

I’m really glad #WinterStormJonas happened on a weekend so being snowed in was no problem at all. I slept,  ate,  ventured out only to walk the dog,  snacked and slept some more. That was Saturday.

Sunday,  I napped a little,  but I had to squeeze in a couple chores and a bit of fun with the little one since fresh snow can be exciting for all ages if dressed appropriately.

Munchkin had great plans to make snow angels, a snow pie, a snowman, have a snowball fight and bring snow inside to continue the fun. Of course I had to veto some of those plans but we eventually reached a happy compromise – – a SnowWoman – –  munchkin’s idea.

munchkin snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


And I  made a snowman — my rendition of one anyway. Although munchkin thought it looked like a Snow Grandma. Oh well,  art is subjective right? Too bad we couldn’t have them both in the same picture, but as you can see we pretty much used the same accessories! 😀

new age snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


I later modified mine to look more traditional but my brother thought munchkin’s SnowWoman was more creative.  He’s probably right!

traditional snowman
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


Once we finished our creations,  she was happy and so was I. The simple things in life can bring much joy!

We hurried back inside to thaw off, then rummaged through the fridge for a final snack of the evening before shutting down the kitchen for bed. But there, in the back of the fridge, stood a half finished bottle of champagne from New Year’s Eve celebrations. “Hmm,” I thought,  “what a perfect way to end a relaxing, albeit snowed in, weekend?” So I poured myself a glass and savoured every drop. I had kept it tightly covered so I was pleased it hasn’t gone flat. Yay!!!

celebrating SnowDay
Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises


It’s safe to say I ate too much on Sunday since I didn’t nap as I did on Saturday, but what are snow days for? Especially when they fall on the weekend!

So here’s to #WinterStormJonas, along with the fun and relaxation it brought. Hope you were safe and enjoyed your snowday too!

Scroll down to check out a few #blizzard2016 funny photos and videos captured by others around the city.


Contents written: January 25 2016 | ©2016 Moylom Enterprises



13 thoughts on “Celebrating SnowDay: #Blizzard2016”

    1. With the way I’ve been craving rest lately I saw this as a perfect excuse/opportunity to just CHILL. And yes I wanted to remember that day for a long time to come. That post was very much like a scrapbook/diary entry – – meant to be cherished. Fun indeed. Have a great day. Hugs

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