Mad dash…

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I ran a marathon last week!
Well, no I didn’t,  but it certainly felt like it! Sunday was the birthday party, Monday to Thursday was busy, busy, busy! I was on fire and operating at maximum output, #Push.

However, I woke up Friday morning, thinking it was Saturday, only to discover a half hour later it was indeed Friday! Color me screwed!!!!

It went something like this…

5:30 wake up

I’m already an hour behind schedule. I’m gonna have to skip a few things

6:15 showered, dressed, and making breakfast

Nothing fancy, just whatever’s fast. Coffee, bread with peanut butter, few spoons of Oatmeal (no time to finish the whole cup), vitamins.

6:45 wake munchkin, get her to the table

Chocolate milk, vitamins (her real breakfast is at school, 8am, before class starts )

7:10 Done with dishes, get munchkin rinsed and dressed, fast.

Munchkin not cooperating. SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS WHEN WE’RE LATE. ARRGGG!!!

7:35 Dash down the stairs to walk the dog.

We’re really supposed to be heading to the bus stop. Cutting it way too close (bus to the train = two-fare zone)

7:42 Dash to the bus stop

There’s only one person. Seems we’ve already missed the 7:45. No sign of the 7:50 bus in the distance. Gonna have to take a cab or munchkin will be late.

8:07 Only 3 mins before the class door closes. Yes, we made it!

8:15 At the gym.

Only have time for a 30 min. workout. (10 mins abs, 20 mins high intensity [level 12] on the elliptical machine, 10 mins to change, 5 mins to run back to munchkin’s school )

9:00 Dashing back to munchkin’s school. Seated by 9:06

100 Days of School celebration, Black History Month celebration, Family Friday, Read to munchkin’s class… I volunteer for this once per month (celebrations ran long, decided to cancel the story reading, her teacher agreed, kids were tired)

11:30 Grocery shopping

1:30 Back home. Starving! Unpack groceries. Quick lunch.

2:00 pm Exhausted. Need a nap.

4:30 Cooking dinner

5:45 Dishes washed, kitchen cleaned, dog fed.

6:00 Dashing out the door to pickup munchkin from daycare (afterschool). Take trash and recycling on the way out.

7:30 pm Back home, dog walked, dinner, dishes.

9:30 pm showered and in bed, a bit of reading.

Had I not napped I’d be in dreamland instead of reading (and writing this post). Tomorrow, Saturday, I rest ALL DAY. It’s my ritual. (Six days shall I labor but rest on the seventh as per God’s instructions in Genesis Chap 1)

So, you good folks, that was my Mad Dash week in review, how was yours? Thanks as always for reading.


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No need to fear the dark…

The following post by Plato of Plato’s Groove, was a brilliant way of realizing that in times of grief or sadness we need not wish the grief away as though it means nothing – – as though we are weak for admitting we need to mourn. Instead we can embrace the process our soul needs to go through to be well again, for in so doing we also embrace our humanity.

Have a read by clicking on the link below. Hope you too can find great worth in the words he’s written to his dear friend.


A note to a friend in Grief – http://wp.me/p5zp50-yr

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Why him?

“Why did you send him?”

“You needed someone to help propel you to the next phase of your life.”

“But why him? Why not someone else? Someone I wouldn’t care for; someone I could easily dismiss; someone I would never love!”

“I did send others, many others, but you ignored EVERY SINGLE ONE!
Remember the guy with the wife? You told him off! Remember the guy with the dog? He made you uncomfortable? Remember the guy with the fancy car? He brought back really bad memories. You hung up on him then blocked his number! Remember all the others you politely told you weren’t interested?”

“Yeah, I see what you mean…”

“So do you understand now why I had to send him?

I’m such in idiot…
I didn’t get it.
I wasn’t paying attention. (Sigh…)”

“No need to be mean to yourself. You’re just stubborn. I made you that way for a reason. Your tenacity has many uses. I just have to find creative ways of dealing with you is all. You certainly keep me on my toes” 🙂

“Yeah” 🙂

“I had to send someone to catch you completely off guard. Someone who’d capture your attention; Someone you couldn’t ignore; Someone who would give you what you needed; Someone who’d make you listen.”

“It worked. He did all those things. He was amazing!”

“I know. I saw it all! You were hurting. You were stuck. You were losing your essence. You were locking yourself away. I wanted so much more for you. I wanted to see you smile again. I wanted to hear you laugh again. I wanted you to thrive not just survive. I wanted you to be amazing for your munchkin and for yourself. Most importantly, I wanted you to move forward. Look at you now, you’re doing great!”

“Thank you Father, but it’s all because of you. None of this would have been possible without you!”

“No need to thank me. You were made to be happy. To share that happiness with others. To bask in the joy of living. To rejoice in good times and bad. For in so doing you can be the light others need to see their way to ME. My child, you were made to be a bright diamond full of beauty, your rough edges polished and glowing, revealing the love you carry within.”

“Wow! Me? A diamond?”

“Yes my child. Don’t be afraid to shine. Shine for ME!”

“Okay, then shine I will, Father! I’ll do my best. I bow in humility. Bestow upon me your mercy and grace so I may LIVE, LOVE and SHINE for you.”

“Rise my child, rise and shine!”

“But what do I do now? How do I stop loving him now that his task is over, and he’s moved on? I’m really struggling with this. Some days I can ignore it, but sometimes, in an instant, the feeling overwhelms me and it’s excruciating! How do I get over him?”

“You’ re not supposed to, there’s more…”

“More? What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You’ll see…”



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A Little Something For Everyone…

If you want nothing to do with Valentine’s Day and all that mushy stuff scroll to the bottom, there’s a special nugget there just for you.

For those who don’t mind delving in, keep reading, there are a couple surprises for you too.

My Sweet Valentine

I told her I’d be there
So I kept my promise
And was right on time.

I walked into the room,
Signed my name,
Then walked over to her table.

Her friends saw me first.
They alerted her to my arrival,
Then I saw her light up.

Right before my eyes
She went from calm and collected
To a huge puddle of gooey mush.

She bounced around uncontrollably;
She giggled and became goofy;
And admittedly, I became silly too.

Her friends gave her permission
To come over and say hello
And with that she leaped into my arms.

Hugs, kisses and “I Love Yous”
Gave way to more giggles and mushy stuff.
The love was apparent and flooded us both.

She is the one who has my heart.
She’s got me wrapped around get little finger
And I’m a mess of emotions over her.

She’s my special Valentine
My one and only puddin’-pie
My darling little munchkin.

Date: February 12 2016
Event: Valentine’s Cookie Decorating
Location: Munchkin’s school
Results: Lots of fun and cool pictures

To all the new couples:
Congrats on finding the one who makes you a mushy mess. Enjoy the feeling. It’s pretty awesome! This song is for you, enjoy!


To the couples who’ve weathered many storms:
Congrats on finding a way to keep your love alive. It takes a long time for us to discover who we are as individuals, let alone understanding someone else we’ve let into personal space, our lives and most importantly our hearts. Relationships aren’t easy, they take work, and you understand this best. You have my praise and admiration. I wanna be you when I ‘grow up’. 😄This song is for you, enjoy!

To the single folks in between relationships:
Congrats on taking time to find yourself, your strength, and your purpose. I’m one of you now. Our stories may be different, but one thing is true, we’re strong enough to be on our own. We don’t need a silly holiday to tell us where we need to be on February 14th! We can spend the day doing what ever the heck we want! Right? 🍷🍹 These gems are for us. Yep, we get two because we’re fabulous, enjoy!



To the folks who want nothing to do with Love or Valentine’s Day or Relationships:
Congrats on finding yet another thing to hate.
You think love is for idiots and can’t wait for St Patrick’s Day for some Crazy, Wild fun. You purposely purchased a box of chocolates and a hammer with which to smash those cursed sweets just to demonstrate your abhorrence for this ridiculous holiday. Hey, I get, I’ve been there! This bit of chocolate smashing ear candy is just for you, enjoy! 😎🍺🍰🔨


As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend.


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Back in the saddle!

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I’m back in the saddle, folks! Burning calories, feeling great, pushing new boundaries, trying new machines, and achieving new milestones.

I trekked to the gym in all that slush Monday after #WinterStormJonas and was greeted by the regulars tenacious enough to be there before my usual 8am arrival. It felt great to have somewhere to go to be inspired, motivated, challenged, and most of all healthy!

I’ve made a few changes to my schedule for this month (February), since for the last couple months I’ve been playing a cruel game of catchup at which I was losing miserably.

Here’s the plan:
I’m dedicating Mondays to work from home (office duties) and the rest of the week to field activities. If this proves to be successful I will:
– get the extra rest I need while systematically vanquishing my paperwork pile.
– get 3 substantial workouts in per week to maintain my fitness goals
– get to tackle other tasks around the house that usually get crammed into the weekend
– have more time with munchkin for homework during the week (since I won’t need to multitask by squeezing in chores) and more time for fun on the weekends (I think… We’ll see!).

I’ve also made some changes to my diet of which I’m already seeing great results.

Change #1: Less sugar:
I’m reading labels more meticulously now. I did before when monitoring Trans fats, quality of ingredients and calories, but now I’m zeroing in on sugar and other sweeteners.
I read an article recently about sugar consumption and how addictive it can be, even more so than cocaine. I was aware of most of the info before but saw some things in a new light. Here’s the link if you’d like to read for yourself [https://yesroanne.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/how-to-detox-from-sugar-for-good/]
Long story short, I’m a sugar addict and I need to cut back so I’m making a valiant effort to do so.

My first effort is to swap sugar for molasses in my coffee. I drink 3 cups per day, and I prefer milk and sugar as my taste buds can’t handle it black (at least not yet). The only way to do no sugar is if I use half n half but that won’t work long term since I’m having issues with dairy based milk which I’ll explain later.

So far, I’ve tried honey, and other artifical sweeteners but can’t handle the weird aftertaste. Surprisingly, molasses delivers a better result that would allow me to still truly enjoy my coffee habit. Win-win!

I’ve also cut down on the amount of sweet snacks I bring into the house. Munchkin loves cookies and marshmallows so I still get those. But instead of 2 bags each, I now buy one bag each and cut the serving portions in half. In addition I’m stocking up on more fruits, yogurt, nuts and other high protein, high fiber foods which will keep us full longer while providing better nutrition.

Change #2: I’m switching from Lactose-free milk to non-dairy milk
I discovered my Lactose intolerance years ago and had switched to alternative milks like lactaid, soy or almond with wonderful results. But lately, it seems I’m also developing an intolerance to lactaid milk. When on it, I break out frequently, when off it, things seem to settle a bit. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m allergic to dairy on a whole? My only other sources of dairy are eggs, cheese and yogurt, which are consumed sporadically since they are very expensive of late and I only purchase them when there’s a sale (got to stretch that dollar you know?). So this brings me back to the lactaid milk, which is the one constant dairy item in the he house rain or shine.

Mom has been harping for years that I need to get off dairy, that it might be what was causing my horrible allergies,  but I never listened. I just assumed I was allergic to my dog or something else in the house or just pollen. But the minute I switched to lactaid milk, my allergies stopped and I no longer had to take a daily allergy pill to settle my constant sneezing and itching. Huh! How in the world am I to admit to her she was right? There’s no way I’m giving her this victory! Why? Are you kidding me? Because she’ll think she’s been right about EVERYTHING ELSE she EVER urged me to do !!! Oh no, this victory is going with me to the grave. 😀

But seriously, I’m now exploring what it means to be Vegan and if that is a path to better health I can maintain successfully. (If you’re vegan, feel free to shoot me any advice you may have about your process, thanks! ) or if I simply need to avoid dairy as it seems I have a dairy allergy.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I’m making progress, and I’m thankful for the many blessings the gracious Father has chosen to bestow upon me. I’m also a thankful for your support as I journey to better health.

Blessings to you as well. Thanks for stopping by!


The following song describes my feel-good mood this week and will put a little pep in your step too. Enjoy 😀


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Why are you winking at me???

My eye has been twitching annoyingly for the past few days. This happens occasionally to all of us,  I assume, so I’m not too concerned since it will go away eventually. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bit of a bother!

Years ago, while out on assignment,  I mentioned this to a client as I was working which went something like this:

My eye has been twitching for days.  It’s so annoying.  I wonder what it means?

Why are you telling me this?

No particular reason,  just conversation…



What a pleasant breath of fresh air he was! His parents must be really proud!!! Thank goodness I had mentioned my twitch, for he might have asked,

Why are you winking at me?

How horrifying would that have been? Needless to say, Mr Charming wasn’t a client for very long,  since his wonderful personality continued to blossom in ways I could no longer tolerate. On all accounts I was allergic and had to get away.

I make it a point to surround myself with positive energy so the minute I wake up and not want to go to work because of someone else’s presence ruining my vibe I know it’s time for me to move on. So,  now that my eye is twitching again like crazy,  I wonder what that means? Hmm… ☺

Funny how little events can trigger memories from decades ago. The mind certainly is an amazing tool! And all you Seinfeld fans out there, do you remember the famous episode dedicated to the ‘eye-twitch’? Here’s a little bit:

But seriously, had Google been around 15 years ago, in all its omniscience and omnipresence as it is today, I would have simply inquired there instead of out loud to myself and Mr Wonderful. But I know better now, and at first glance, here’s what Google had to say:


Immediately, STRESS and FATIGUE caught my attention as those are two very huge problems for me right now. Upon further investigation at http://www.allaboutvision.com I discovered the following:


Caffeine and Nutritional imbalances too? Hmm, my caffeine intake has been consistent, 3 cups a day is my normal routine. Without it there’s no way I can pull off the intense schedule I have to keep every day (up at 4:30am in bed by midnight).

As for my nutrition, I recently logged my meals via the Samsung S Health app just to see if my diet was sufficient since I’ve added gym workouts to my schedule. After a week the summary revealed simple carbs, fat and sugar needed to be reduced while more protein, complex carbs and water needed to be added. I’m also taking a multivitamin and herbal supplements, athough, I’m not sure if my magnesium intake is sufficient as the article further explained, I’ll have to check.

Furthermore, I rarely drink alcohol, my eyes, thankfully, don’t feel strained, dry or affected by allergies, so it seems all roads point back to TIREDNESS and STRESS. Thanks Google!

Perhaps I should go open that bottle of wine I got for Christmas, put on some soothing music, light some candles, soak in the tub and have me a nice, relaxing day. I was saving it for a special occasion, but hey, why wait?

[Sound of record screeching to a full stop…]

Unfortunately, I’m trekking to work as I write this piece and alas, duty calls… An 8hr shift awaits! Thank goodness it’s Friday. Anyone wanna babysit this weekend? 😀

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Let’s celebrate !!!

Image source: Google images (www.boardman2020.fi)

a mini celebration
important in our lives.
And by the time the year is over
we would have lived
hopefully with no regrets!

~ Moylom Enterprises Jan 2 2016 ~


You know I’ve got a thing for drums!!!!! Back when I did a post called 10 things you didn’t know about me, you discoverd that among other things, I looooove drums!

This is my latest discovery. It makes me smile  and tickles me all over until I just bust out dancing if no one’s watching. I just had to share it with you.

Life is short. Find something or someone to celebrate about/with today and just Dance. Enjoy!


Image source: Google images (www.emptycache.com)

(Note: If you can’t hear the drums you’re missing half the song. Reach for your headphones 😀)

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