Why are you winking at me???

My eye has been twitching annoyingly for the past few days. This happens occasionally to all of us,  I assume, so I’m not too concerned since it will go away eventually. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bit of a bother!

Years ago, while out on assignment,  I mentioned this to a client as I was working which went something like this:

My eye has been twitching for days.  It’s so annoying.  I wonder what it means?

Why are you telling me this?

No particular reason,  just conversation…



What a pleasant breath of fresh air he was! His parents must be really proud!!! Thank goodness I had mentioned my twitch, for he might have asked,

Why are you winking at me?

How horrifying would that have been? Needless to say, Mr Charming wasn’t a client for very long,  since his wonderful personality continued to blossom in ways I could no longer tolerate. On all accounts I was allergic and had to get away.

I make it a point to surround myself with positive energy so the minute I wake up and not want to go to work because of someone else’s presence ruining my vibe I know it’s time for me to move on. So,  now that my eye is twitching again like crazy,  I wonder what that means? Hmm… ☺

Funny how little events can trigger memories from decades ago. The mind certainly is an amazing tool! And all you Seinfeld fans out there, do you remember the famous episode dedicated to the ‘eye-twitch’? Here’s a little bit:

But seriously, had Google been around 15 years ago, in all its omniscience and omnipresence as it is today, I would have simply inquired there instead of out loud to myself and Mr Wonderful. But I know better now, and at first glance, here’s what Google had to say:


Immediately, STRESS and FATIGUE caught my attention as those are two very huge problems for me right now. Upon further investigation at http://www.allaboutvision.com I discovered the following:


Caffeine and Nutritional imbalances too? Hmm, my caffeine intake has been consistent, 3 cups a day is my normal routine. Without it there’s no way I can pull off the intense schedule I have to keep every day (up at 4:30am in bed by midnight).

As for my nutrition, I recently logged my meals via the Samsung S Health app just to see if my diet was sufficient since I’ve added gym workouts to my schedule. After a week the summary revealed simple carbs, fat and sugar needed to be reduced while more protein, complex carbs and water needed to be added. I’m also taking a multivitamin and herbal supplements, athough, I’m not sure if my magnesium intake is sufficient as the article further explained, I’ll have to check.

Furthermore, I rarely drink alcohol, my eyes, thankfully, don’t feel strained, dry or affected by allergies, so it seems all roads point back to TIREDNESS and STRESS. Thanks Google!

Perhaps I should go open that bottle of wine I got for Christmas, put on some soothing music, light some candles, soak in the tub and have me a nice, relaxing day. I was saving it for a special occasion, but hey, why wait?

[Sound of record screeching to a full stop…]

Unfortunately, I’m trekking to work as I write this piece and alas, duty calls… An 8hr shift awaits! Thank goodness it’s Friday. Anyone wanna babysit this weekend? 😀

Contents written: January 21 2016 | ©2016 Moylom Enterprises



6 thoughts on “Why are you winking at me???”

    1. I think you’re right. I have to admit that I’m a workaholic… Being on the go has become my “normal”. I just need to learn to chill.


  1. I get eyelid myokymia from time to time, but I’ve never attributed it to anything. But all that twitching can get annoying, no doubt, so I’ll take any excuse to sneak in a nap. (Sorry, I have to snooze, my eyelid says so…) 😉

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