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I splurged without remorse…


Last Wednesday (March 23), I got a ridiculously overpriced manicure and pedicure at very upscale salon. Why? Well, clearly I’d lost my mind, but wait, I can explain!!!

It was my day off. I had a show to attend at munchkin’s school, then gym, then errands.

(No those aren’t the reasons, but I’m getting to it, hold on…)

We, the parents, assistant teachers and kids, were all seated in the AUDITORIUM (yes I made it on time), when the principal and the head teachers made their appearance. We were a restless bunch, both parents and kids, since the show’s start time had come and gone. Then, without explanation, and clearly coordinated, the principal instructed each teacher, to lead her class back to the respective classrooms. There were a few incidents of crying, munchkin included, since no sooner had she cuddled up next to me beaming with delight, and super excited to see the show, was she being torn away by her teachers without an explanation and without even seeing a single act. Clearly they were confused, but the parents, who were asked to kindly stay seated, began to decipher what what happening. The show was canceled! As it turned out, the performers had a mixup with the dates, and could not make it. Those poor little Pre-k and kindergarten kids… They never got to see the clowns and other circus acts. My heart broke for them. What a bummer!

The school’s principal was very apologetic and promised to have the show scheduled for a future date but suggested that since we, the doting parents, all had an hour or two to kill, we might as well do something nice for ourselves as a little reward for our efforts. She’s quite a lovely lady, and quite the comedienne too. She made a few funny faces and did a few clown moves in an attempt to appease our wrath and it worked, we all laughed! But in all honesty, she had a point!

I don’t know about the other parents, but I for one, never really take time off to do fun things for myself outside of the gym or a nice nap. As a matter of fact, the last time I had a professional mani-pedi was the week leading up to munchkin’s delivery. It used to be my favorite thing to do after a hard work week, but since that time all my financial resources have been going to her and keeping us afloat as we separated from her dad when she was only 3 months old. The past 4 years have been tough and now that things are starting to feel a bit normal again, a few months shy of munchkin’s 5th birthday, I more than deserve a splurge with no remorse, in fact, it’s long overdue!

The salon was spacious; very nicely decorated in blue, silver and white; very professional and had branded names for some of the services they offered. I actually needed to have a few of the items decoded as I asked helplessly,

which one of these is just a basic mani-pedi?

As the manager pointed me in the right direction, I did everything I could to not gasp outloud when I saw the price, but I stood my ground and asked boldly,

do you take debit cards?

She said yes, and with that I frantically checked my bank account to ensure there were enough funds for groceries afterwards. All was well. Whew!!!

I was the first customer that day so I had the full attention of my nail specialist. She was a very lovely lady and a joy to talk to. She made me feel so at ease and pampered that the only thing missing was a reclining chair in a dimly lit room for a little nap. (Come to think of it, a cocktail would have been nice too!) She did a marvelous job of assuaging my guilt for my spur of the moment pamper session which was perfect as I was beginning to feel uncertain that my splurge was good idea. What I needed wasn’t complicated so she executed her task effortlessly, and with a smile. I loved my color selection, and though it’s now a week old, it’s help up nicely. I forgot to take note of the actual name of the polish but it’s a dark shimmery pink (fushia) — Cute without being overly girly!

Needless to say, munchkin was NOT pleased that she was excluded from girly time. After all, whenever I do my nails at home, she gets in on the action too. I felt the guilt creeping up my gut, then into my chest and I teared up a little. How could I have taken away the one fun thing she and I do together that’s completely different from time with my boys? But then I remembered, and immediately blurted out,

It was your principal’s idea! She told the parents to go have fun because we had nothing else to do. The circus show was canceled, remember?

That explanation actually saved my hide and restored peace, avoiding a potentially devastating situation! πŸ˜€

I was soon back to feeling no remorse, and even had lofty thoughts of throwing in a sushi lunch next time I venture to pamperville. I wonder if the principal would give me a personal note granting me permission to have fun? Munchkin will need just cause to warrant her exclusion AGAIN. πŸ˜€

All in all, it was a fun day because even though I picked up groceries on the way home, I had a lovely nap before getting munchkin from daycare.

So, when was the last time you splurged without remorse? Did you feel guilty at any point or were you all in? Did someone try to make you feel guilty about your splurge? How did you fend them off? What fun thing have you been dreaming of that you now feel inspired to do ? Can you promise me you’ll do something nice for yourself sometime soon? Promise? Pinky-promise? Great! Thanks! I need a few partners in crime hahaha !

Thanks as always for stopping by. Your presence and comments always brighten my day! 🌷

Lots of Hugs,

Contents written: March 28 2016 | Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises


8 thoughts on “I splurged without remorse…”

    1. Absolutely! Thank you!

      My identity as her primary caregiver sometimes supercedes everything else, but as she gets older and is learning to be her own little person, I can totally spend some time becoming reacquainted with myself, my needs, my lofty ambitions etc. I miss those days, but I’m making a valiant effort to be nicer to me. πŸ˜€

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you’re having a lovely day. Hugs 🌷


  1. I enjoyed this so much and almost felt as though it had been written for me. I also had to re-read the line with the word “assuage” because I was thinking”massage away guilt!” The time will come soon when I will allow myself a little splurge too. Pinky promise!

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