Summer love…

Shoulders bare
Ready to be kissed by the sun.
‘Tis the season of sundresses,
Sleeveless tops, skirts and freedom.

Freedom to roam,
Freedom to feel,
Freedom to breathe,
Freedom to just be.

To sit by the water’s edge
Feeling the cool breeze kiss my cheeks
As though to say,
“Hello,  I’ve missed you… ”

I smile,  basking in its embrace,
Lifting my hair off my shoulders
For more of its kisses as I whisper softly,
” I’ve missed you too… ”

Ah,  Summer is here!
I mostly enjoy our time together
In the early hours or late into the night,
For it is more than I can handle otherwise.

But it understands my needs
And satisfies them thoroughly
For it knows our time is short —
It must leave soon.

Small doses of time and love
Are all we have each year
But we both know
It makes our time together even more special.

Oh Summer, you’re finally here….

Source: Yahoo images
Source: Yahoo images

Contents written: June 15 2015  |  Edited: June 16 2015   |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


25 thoughts on “Summer love…”

    1. I know what you mean. I’m from the Caribbean so I yearned for a change in seasons. I figured I could tolerate the 3 months of summer but the last few years winter in the US has been brutal or just long. Then we skip spring or fall. It’s been very frustrating! So I’m enjoying what warmth I can. Even if in small doses ☺.
      Enjoy! 🌷


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