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Having faith…perspective is the key!

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The whole having faith ‘thing’ is easier said than done. Amid turmoil, one can lose perspective and clarity of thought. From the inside looking out, if one has no faith, then the need to rise above the immediate setback and prosper in the face of adversity may not exist. A feeling of doom or loss usually overrides every rational thought. Life as it were may seem meaningless. However, with faith, hope of a better tomorrow encourages perseverance in the face of hardship – surviving against the odds!

The onlooker witnessing one’s hardship may be a source of encouragement or be a source of criticism. The key to recovery is to align oneself with positive sources of reinforcement. The objectivity of outsiders must be used wisely. Stay away from the ones who simply say what they think wants to be heard for building a foundation based on lies or half truths is pointless. Instead, utilize the thoughts of ones who are willing to state the truth as they see it even if it hurts. These are the allies who will facilitate growth of character. These are the ones who truly care.

Ultimately, even though the road ahead may seem long and arduous things will be okay. Just remember to be a source of encouragement for someone else in turmoil since faith, like a seedling, needs to be nurtured to ensure growth. Have faith, be of good courage, thank the ones who provided motivation, then be a blessing to others by sharing your faith and your story of triumph.

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