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Held Hostage…

Image source: Google images (walesonline.co.uk)


The local train pulled into the station.
The express pulled in across the platform.
I needed the express and hopped in.
I lucked out, what a win!

Our express train sadly went local
With no way to transfer to out,
Nothing would get me home faster,
WTF was my very first thought!

In effect, we were all held hostage
Confused, annoyed, dismayed.
Why was there no announcement?
Why were we bound and caged?

What’s the point of leaving work early
Only to STILL get home late?
Such is the fabulous life in NYC
At the mercy of the MTA Subway!

I was late picking up my daughter
But alas I was not alone,
Another parent was late too
Yet she was on a different train!

My goodness, what are we paying for?
A system that always breaks?
Every year a fare hike!
I SO need to get outta this place!

The funny thing is I’ve tried leaving before
And missed it when I was gone.
Turns out I just needed a vacation
Time to relax, unwind, be reborn…

But though my time away was fun
I soon came to realize,
There is only one NEW YORK CITY
No other place would suffice.

So stay I will for now, at least,
Until something entices me elsewhere.
Perhaps warmer weather as I age
Or the heart of someone who cares.

I’m sure this is what the MTA  would say…

Image source: Google images (jantoo.com)

Contents written: June 6 20166 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


10 thoughts on “Held Hostage…”

      1. Haha, Just checking. Guess I’m just tired. Busy day…
        At least I got you to laugh. Hope you had a good day… ☺

        Liked by 1 person

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