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My happy creative mind is stagnant today
Not because I have no thoughts,
But instead,  because there are many,
Which swirl around the darkness of my mind.

I don’t like these dark thoughts
Of doubt,  loneliness and worry.
I’m usually one to surround myself
With healthy,  positive influences.

But every once in a while
A bit of sadness opens the door
To the darkness where I sit for a while
Not quite sure why I’m here.

I’ll find my way out eventually,
As I always do,
For the darkness leaves me way too cold —
I must have warmth to survive.

It’s love I seek really,
The kind that doesn’t waver;
The kind that isn’t hot then cold;
The kind that stays warm and burns long.

I’m cold today,
I could use some warmth —
Warmth ignited from deep within —
Warmth that will take away my tears.

I don’t like this darkness.
I don’t like these tears.
I don’t like this sadness.
I don’t like this loneliness.

But I guess I’ll have to accept my fate —
This is the life I’ve been given —
I’ll make do with it best I can,
Until I’m forced to make a change.

Contents written: June 12 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Sweeter than before…


Life —
It forces us
To re-evaluate
Our goals and dreams
From time to time.
But in the end,
Our passions resurface
And we delight
In the love affair,
For the love once lost
Is found again
Aged as wine —
Sweeter than before

Contents written: April 19 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Incase you haven’t heard….


Hi folks,

Now that the blog-merge is approaching it’s 3rd week, you’ve no doubt been cruising around to explore the new content. Thank you for taking the time to show your love and support via likes and fabulous comments. We’re so excited to have you visit!

However, please keep in mind that some of our posts have been incorrectly assigned, that is, most have A@moylomenterprises as the author but that’s not always accurate. This is a minor glitch with the transfer of data from Wordsmith Boulevard to Inner Ramblings but it’s fixable. We’re feverishly trying to correct this issue but with so much content it’s a slow process. In the mean time, here’s how to decipher the true author of each post.

A@moylomenterprises (woman):
– #SingleParenting
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B@moylomenterprises (man):
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If you’ve read something and you’re still not sure who wrote it, (A can sometimes be edgy while B can at times be emotional) feel free to ask in the comments , it’s really no big deal.☺

Look forward to stopping by all your blogs as well. Have a fantastic day! 🌷

A + B.

Contents written: June 8 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises