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My happy creative mind is stagnant today
Not because I have no thoughts,
But instead,  because there are many,
Which swirl around the darkness of my mind.

I don’t like these dark thoughts
Of doubt,  loneliness and worry.
I’m usually one to surround myself
With healthy,  positive influences.

But every once in a while
A bit of sadness opens the door
To the darkness where I sit for a while
Not quite sure why I’m here.

I’ll find my way out eventually,
As I always do,
For the darkness leaves me way too cold —
I must have warmth to survive.

It’s love I seek really,
The kind that doesn’t waver;
The kind that isn’t hot then cold;
The kind that stays warm and burns long.

I’m cold today,
I could use some warmth —
Warmth ignited from deep within —
Warmth that will take away my tears.

I don’t like this darkness.
I don’t like these tears.
I don’t like this sadness.
I don’t like this loneliness.

But I guess I’ll have to accept my fate —
This is the life I’ve been given —
I’ll make do with it best I can,
Until I’m forced to make a change.

Contents written: June 12 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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