Sweeter than before…


Life —
It forces us
To re-evaluate
Our goals and dreams
From time to time.
But in the end,
Our passions resurface
And we delight
In the love affair,
For the love once lost
Is found again
Aged as wine —
Sweeter than before

Contents written: April 19 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


19 thoughts on “Sweeter than before…”

  1. This is perfect for me today. A dear friend was buried in Friday and I’ve been reevaluating life and the flame to my true passion and purpose has been turned up. They were such an inspiration

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  2. How perfect and so true. There are a number of ‘passions’ I moved away from only to rediscover them when life became less busy. And yes the memory reawakened was even sweeter than the first time.

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