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Serving others…





I always enjoy helping and taking care of others so it’s no coincidence that my job for the past 19 years has been service related.

It gives me great joy to know I’m helping to make someone’s life a little easier, and I often go above and beyond the call of duty because I not only deliver a service but I try to imprint my ‘mark’ so the entire experience, from start to finish, is memorable and stands out above other companies. Thank You notes, Thank You text messages, word of mouth referrals and Christmas bonuses certainly validate my efforts, and these acts of appreciation, in turn, fuel my desire to do even more. Most of my clients have been on the docket for 5 or more years, the longest one being roughly 10 years and is now more like family.

But it doesn’t end there…

Once my workday is over, I switch hats to mom, and the servitude continues. I love being a mother, and although being a single mom isn’t what I’d planned, such is the box of chocolates which life gave. Hey, you get what you get! Right?

At the end of most days I’m beat, and oh what fun it is to do it all again the next day! The problem is, there’s never really much time left to do nice things for myself, so when I encounter unappreciative clients it really knocks me off my saddle. They just don’t get it!!! I try not to let it bug me much, because, after all, being of service is who I am, and I rather not let such individuals steal my joy. Soon enough though, they realize I’m not a pushover and we part ways.

Over the years I’ve wondered what my purpose on earth really is, but thanks to musings of a close friend, I’ve since discovered that I’m already fulfilling my purpose, at least in the sense that I’m putting one of my gifts to good use (Thanks R! ) .

So, is being of service something you enjoy? Do you light up when you’ve had an opportunity to help someone? What special thing can you do to brighten someone’s world today? Do you put your God-given gifts to good use?

Here are a few quotes I came across while working on this post. Perhaps they can be of inspiration to you also. Enjoy!


In service to others, we must also understand that Jesus, though the Son of God, was humble and served others happily. What a wonderful example…

As with serving others, receiving the call to be of service for the Lord,  in whatever capacity, is a very rewarding  experience and one never tires of such duties for they bring much joy…


Don’t dislike someone for who they’re not, instead, love them for who they are. We were all made different for a reason.

~Moylom Enterprises   March 2016~

You are wonderfully made, love  yourself, love others  and make a difference!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Here’s a song for you to enjoy and share (very appropriate).



Contents written: March 22 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises 



25 thoughts on “Serving others…”

      1. Keep writing. It’s good therapy. The gardening too. The flowers love you. It’s as if they know you share photos of them with the world. They’re blooming at their best 😀😆


  1. Thanks, I will. My garden keeps me going. I love my flowers and I love the idea that they like my sharing photos of them. They are so beautiful and I just stand in awe of them and the Lord when I see them. Love, N


  2. Oh my yes. I prefer very much to be of service. I love to help. I prefer to help in quiet, behind-the-scenes ways, but I don’t mind interaction to a point. I’ve always been the person who could fill in for the receptionist or work the customer service desk. I find it’s important to be fulfilled. Service provides that.
    But I also agree it is draining, and adding motherhood no picnic after 5 or whatever. Need that hard-to-get time to decompress!

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  3. So relatable! I’m very similar, and have always worked in a service oriented industry. I’ve been that way in all of my relationship…I just want to help, in some way. Even if it’s just being a good friend. Great post.💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, totally get that mindset. As a result my circle of friends is small since I stay away from those who mistake my kindness for weakness. I am no doormat just patient. Genuine friends understand this. Fake ones don’t and must hence “exit stage left!!! ”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much 🌷
      You are officially becoming my biggest fan. Have to go shopping for a trophy 🏆 to hand to you at the end of the year 😁

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