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Promise me this…




We all make promises that sometimes we can’t keep, but I sure wouldn’t mind having this one by Ronan Keating ^_^

Hope you’re having a great day. This is one of my latest music discoveries thanks to a dear friend. What a gem of a song! It’s now my new favorite. Enjoy!





“Ronan Keating – This I Promise You”


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Take Your Criticism and Love It!

Sometimes a little construction criticism can go a long way.
I’m always open to it… ☺ 🌷

June 18 2016

Myths of the Mirror

Take your criticism

For five years, I had the great fortune to be a member of a dedicated Writer’s Critique Group. During that time, I line by line edited approximately 1,920,000 combined words for my four critique partners, and they each critiqued about 780,000 words for me. That’s a lot of words. 

And did I ever learn a lot about writing!

Of course, the positive feedback was nice, and it was delightful to know when things were going well. But the real joy, the most valuable feedback was the constructive criticism. I craved the ugly, gritty details. I wanted to be nitpicked and challenged. I longed to improve and grow as a writer, and to accomplish that, I needed to know everything I was doing wrong. Each correction, negative comment, and suggestion was a precious gift that someone cared enough (about me) to write down and share.

As writers, we are usually too close to our books to…

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