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Echoes of Love


Hello friends,

Sometimes only a sad song would do to carry our emotions to their final destination. To give a sense of closure to a relationship that is no more — to allow us room to cry and heal — to help us accept the end.

This song is a recent discovery. It’s sad but beautiful. It was my first time hearing this artist. Perhaps you know their work. Enjoy!


Song: “” Echos of love” by Jesse + Joy

*This is not about me but I’ve certainly been there.

Contents written: June 19 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Party people…


I woke up hung over
this Monday morning!
No, not from alcohol
But from a fun outing.

A clown,
A magician,
Balloon animals,
Face painting,

Delighted kids,
Happy parents,
Two birthdays,
One epic celebration.

Amazing food,
Sweets galore,
Great music,
Diet sabotage for sure.

Will have to workout double
To correct this mess
But I can’t complain
We certainly had a blast!

Put my Introvert aside
Mix and Mingle, I did.
Made a new mom friend
Our chatfest was splendid.

All in all a happy day
Munchkin hesitant to leave,
But that was just the sugar at work
I foresaw eminent danger indeed!

With that much fun
and a sugar-high
She was bound to crash
At an inappropriate time,

So adios, adios
To each and everyone,
Thank you for having us
But we’re homeward bound.

A sensible snack
To balance the trash
Walk the dog, fast
Then a quick wash.

No need for a story
She was now falling apart,
Under the covers
And out light a light.

A few minutes of silence
To catch my breath,
Wash the dirty dishes
And shower myself.

Then I too fell
Like a lumberjack’s log,
My Introvert exhausted
No words left…Peace out!

From us party people to you fine folks out there, thanks as always for stopping by. Have a great week!



*Originally published: February 2016

Contents written: February 22 2016  |  ©2016 Moylom Enterprises