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Echoes of Love


Hello friends,

Sometimes only a sad song would do to carry our emotions to their final destination. To give a sense of closure to a relationship that is no more — to allow us room to cry and heal — to help us accept the end.

This song is a recent discovery. It’s sad but beautiful. It was my first time hearing this artist. Perhaps you know their work. Enjoy!


Song: “” Echos of love” by Jesse + Joy

*This is not about me but I’ve certainly been there.

Contents written: June 19 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

25 thoughts on “Echoes of Love”

    1. How wonderful that you enjoyed it. Even if it’s a sad song it’s a wonderful song worth sharing. Hope you’re having a nice day. ☺


    1. Yes I’m perfectly aware that even if I’m having a great day or in a good place in my life many others are not. So I have to keep those people in mind as well. I have to remember the days when I felt less than happy and needed comforting. This post is for those folks. ☺

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    1. I know. You’re right it’s a bit if both but I’ve been there and even if I’m not now, I understand what it feels like.

      Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comment. Hugs🌷

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  1. As usual … GEMA Blocks the video and it cannot be played … at least here in Germany … so I looked for it differently … and found it! Great song, sad but deep in meaning and feelings. Thank God it does’nt describe my situation, I think or am convinced that … some people just do’nt know how to express their love to outhers maybe due to past postdramatish experiences? … But they show their love in outher ways. Keep up the good work. Never give up … if on your path to truth … you have to decide between the road going uphill and the one going down … take the one going up! Its never easy to win.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      The song doesn’t refer to my current life situation. I just came across it and remember what it felt like. Thought the song might be helpful to someone going through it now.

      Sorry you’re having a hard time with GEMA but I’m glad joy found the song anyway. ☺

      Have a great day!


      1. Love, that exempts no one beloved from loving,


        If you truly love someone, you’d want them to be happy — you’d want them to find love.

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