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Just Like You 

Keb Mo is a well known blues artist with many albums. Hope you enjoy. 


I spoke of you…

I spoke of you yesterday…
She saw your picture and asked,
“Is that my daddy ?”
I said mostly nice things about you —
Why burden her with the evil you did?
She’s too young to understand anyway.
In time she will know, but for now I spoke kind words.

For a split second I missed you ,
I missed us, I missed our family,
I missed the future I thought we would have had.
But, like a puff of smoke, that feeling was gone
Replaced by the pain you caused .
Yet I spoke kindly of you to her
Just because it was what she needed,
She needed her daddy.

*Originally published July 2015

Contents written: July 8 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises