The Burglar


He broke in while she was sleeping;
He poked around in places he didn’t belong;
He helped himself to some of her valuables;
He even found her secret hiding place —

The place where she kept her deepest thoughts —
The place where she kept many sad memories —
The place where she hid her heart from his kind —
The place where she hid her heart from the herself.

He barged right in, moved things around, and scooped it up.
It was in a box, shattered in a million pieces, labelled

“FRAGILE — Handle With Care! ”

Source: Yahoo images (demonvash08.deviantart.com)
Source: Yahoo images (demonvash08.deviantart.com)

Why would he want a broken heart?
What good is a broken heart to anyone?
But he didn’t care, he took it anyway!
She was confused!

He diligently took the time to put each piece back in its place — every single one.
He diligently applied a bit of glue to seal each crack.
He diligently polished and shined it until it glowed again.

And then to her delight,
He gave it back to her!
”There’s no need to hide your heart anymore,” he said,
“It’s OK now, I’ve mended it, see?”

Source: Yahoo Images (pressreleases.kcstar.com)
Source: Yahoo Images (pressreleases.kcstar.com)

She stared in amazement!
She cried…
She smiled…
She laughed…

Her heart was mended;
Her heart was beating again;
Her heart could feel again;
Her heart was once again ALIVE!

It seemed…
He never really ‘took’ anything!
He simply used the items to make the right kind of glue — just for her heart.
He was never a burglar at all,
He was simply her Healer.

He was sent to revive her broken spirit;
He was sent to remind her to laugh;
He was sent to prepare her for the future;
He was sent to show her it’s OK to love again.

Source: Yahoo images (purposefulfaith.com)
Source: Yahoo images (purposefulfaith.com)


*Originally published May 2015


Contents written: May 17 2015.
Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.