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Victory is sweet…

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Poetry, Uncategorized

Fools in love



Two lonely souls
Caught up in an enchanted fairytale,
The lonely Princess Swan prays for a reality
That she knows may never come.

Destined to be alone in real life
Her tears are those of a sad heart
Reminiscent of nightmares past.
Oh how she hates this sadness!

The emotional rollercoaster
Leaves her depleted,
Wondering if this is really love,
And if it is, why must it hurt her so?

Her Prince Swan, full of confident hope,
Promised her the world
But is powerless, as is she.
If only magic wands worked in reality!

Their love exists in futility
For ‘they’ may never be together.
They may forever be lost in a mystic fairytale,
Trapped in the magic of their love.

Fools in love
But perhaps never meant to be,
How frustrating, how sad…
Do they even know they’re dreaming?

Their existence is based
Purely on words —
Dreams that echo in the night
Which only they can hear.

She aches for him
But must now choose reluctantly,
To either be stuck in their river of dreams
Or swim away in search of something real.

Contents written : July 3 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises