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No Strings Attached…

What if we humans knew how to love without conditions? Or even better, perhaps you already know how!

I never understood this concept before becoming a parent and even now I admit that even though I love my kids fiercely I do sometimes discipline in a way that can be interpreted that I won’t love them if they dont behave. Of course that is not true, I will love them no matter what, it’s just that our human methods of showing love can often be corrupted by present/past emotional struggles/damage. I am now aware that I must improve my speech during times I discipline so the kids know exactly that I don’t love them any less.

Mom? Why did you just call me ‘sweetie’?

Because you are my sweetie!

But I just got in trouble and made you very upset. How come you still call me sweetie?

Because even though I didn’t like what you just did, that doesn’t change the fact that you are STILL my sweetie and always will be.

Thanks mom!

You’re welcome ☺ (Big hugs)

But what about other relationships? I can’t remember one that ended amicably where feelings weren’t hurt and love wasn’t lost. This means that a condition was placed on the love I gave to those individuals. Interestingly though, I find that love without conditions isn’t impossible it just takes practice. It’s a mental decision to not judge, not hold a grudge, to be open minded, to allow the other person to be free to be themselves and to accept them for who they are and not for who I want them to be.

I am learning how to do that now and I find it very liberating. For the first time there is someone other than my kids I can truly say I love unconditionally and I’m actually surprised by my emotional growth! I guess we are never too old to learn something new, and I must confess I’m enjoying this lesson very much.

So here’s to new lessons, transitions, paths crossing, self discovery and this awesome journey we call Life. Cheers!


Originally published November 2015


Contents written: November 18 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



11 thoughts on “No Strings Attached…”

  1. “It’s a mental decision to not judge, not hold a grudge, to be open minded,”—Yes! And you’re right–it’s very liberating to let the judgment and grudges go. Oftentimes, unless the act was really egregious, it just takes putting ourselves in another person’s shoes.

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  2. “It’s a mental decision to not judge, not hold a grudge, to be open minded..”
    At a very young age, I have loved (and still in love with) someone not expecting anything in return. You were right, this kind of love removes judgement in all forms.

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    1. So glad you were able to experience this! This is new for me (separate from my kids) and I’m so happy to have discovered it.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Have a great evening 😊


  3. Having two adult and two getting there children I am very content with them being the wonderful people they are. I think it’s more difficult when they are younger as many parents have expectations and hope. As the years pass we see them for who they are, not who we imagined them to be.
    I think it’s then we parent at our best. Looks like you are there.


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