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Wisdom of children

Image source: Google images (
Image source: Google images (

We can see the ocean from our kitchen window, and if we want to walk along the beach, it’s just 5 min walk away. Its presence is so powerful yet soothing that we are indeed blessed to have such a wonderful gift at our disposal.

So imagine my surprise when my 3 yr old asked, “Mom, how did the ocean get to be so big?”

My natural response was, “Well, that’s just how God made it!”

Or now that I’ve had a few weeks to think it over, a better response would have been, “God made it big so all the people all over the world could have enough to share.”

Well munchkin’s response was the best of all. She deduced that the only way the ocean got that big was because it ate all its breakfast, lunch and dinner too! It would seem that the ocean has quite an appetite. And it would also seem that children have a wisdom that certainly stomps us grownups pretty darn good!

Kids are so precious  🙂


Originally published August 2015

Contents written: August 7 2015  |  Edited: August 23 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


9 thoughts on “Wisdom of children”

  1. First, a lovely tale. Second, with more creation and further fun additions, this would make for a delightful children’s book called, Mommy How Did The Ocean Get So Big. 🙂 or something fun like that too. 😉

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