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I’ll ship you to China!!!


That high-pitched, whiny voice —
The kind that equals
The sound of nails
Scratching across a chalk board.

Yes, if you have kids
Or spend time around them,
You know exactly what I mean —
The whining never ends!

I found myself thinking recently,
“Oh, what a wonderful
three-day weekend
I’m about to have!”

But then, that being only Friday
And my 4yr old
Having started her ‘whine-fest’
Since that Wednesday,
I assumed that by the end of the weekend
I’d have ripped my ears off,
And been happily deaf
In attempts to never hear
Such horrible sounds again!

I could have distracted myself
By listing all the amazing things
I love about her,
But I couldn’t seem to find them
Amid all the whining.

Nothing seemed to satisfy her
And my threats of
Shipping her to China
Were then replaced by my desire
To flee there myself.

Why China?
Well that’s a long story —
A running gag at my house
Between me and my dog.

Whenever doggie misbehaves,
I tell her,“I’ll ship you to China!”
She usually leaves the room
As if my threats were understood.

Then I laugh,  as I know
How wrong I am to tease her so.
So now, in jest,
Everyone gets shipped to China.

But those are empty threats of course,
What do I do about the reality
Of my ‘darling’ child?
All this whining — I can’t stand it!

But, then again,
Seems like I am now whining too.
Oh the irony!!!
What are you all going to do with me?

Should I beg for mercy?
Or should I simply
Pack my bags and prepare
To be shipped to China?

Contents written: May 26 2016 | Edited: July 11 2016   |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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