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He kissed her cheek ever so softly

To wake her from her sleep.

She roused, a bit muddled and confused

But managed to mumble “Good morning”

And then a smile,

as she saw his loving eyes

Steering down at her

“You overslept my darling,

I felt bad to have to wake you

As you seemed so tired

And in need of rest,

But you’ll be late for work!”

“Bloody hell !!!” She exclaimed,

as she flew out of bed,

and in a mad dash

She got washed and dressed

in record time.

A quick kiss on his cheek,

and an “I love you”

as she bolted for the door.

And as she reached for her keys

there sat a bag with her name.

Puzzled, she opened it hurriedly.

In it was breakfast, lunch and a snack —

Everything she’d need

but had no time to prepare herself!

And in that moment

She loved him more

Than she did the day before.

No longer worried about being late,

She returned to the bedroom

to find him at his desk

ready to begin his day’s work.

Holding up the bag,

She stood silently for a moment

as she saw his face change

from curiosity to understanding —

They both smiled.

Her voice, soft yet heavy with emotion, said,

These little things you do

Make me know that

I matter in your world

And it feels great to be appreciated.

And in that moment

Their love grew just a bit more

And they both understood why.

Suddenly, she no longer desired to go to work

In fact, she felt quite “ill” —

smitten by the ‘love bug’.

So she kicked off her shoes,

Dropped her bags

And remained in his arms

For the rest of the day…


Originally published: September 9 2015

Contents written: July 2015  |  Edited: September 6 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


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