Image source: Yahoo Images (disney.wikia.com)
Image source: Yahoo Images (disney.wikia.com)

She gave
What he didn’t expect.
What she needed
He shouldn’t give.

She would have
Loved him fiercely —
And given her
Fragile heart completely,
But he didn’t want her to.

Their love
Was forbidden
And would probably
Not be accepted.

He wanted her to have
The love she deserved,
He knew he had
To set her free.

As per the ritual,
His future couldn’t include her,
So now he must become her past —
She too must set him free.

Torn between
Loving him enough
To set him free,
And loving him so much
To not want to let him go,
She had no choice.

The emotional turmoil
Was unbearable for them both.
Heartbroken they finally said goodbye,
Holding on to memories
So potent, so special,
But all so bitter-sweet.

[This is Part 9 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 10 here or Start from the beginning.]



Originally published: October 2015

Contents written: October 11 2015  |  Edited: October 18 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


22 thoughts on “Bitter-Sweet”

  1. Fascinating. I had to start from the beginning as I’ve missed so much here on wordpress during the past several months. Now I’m looking forward to part 10. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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