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Thoughts at war


There’s a war between
The mundane and the profound,
Both wanting me to showcase their worth
But neither succeeding
In triggering me to reach for the pen.

Instead, I sit motionless
Entranced by the screen,
Allowing someone else’s thoughts
To fill my head hour after hour.

I am only released from captivity
When sleep overpowers my eyes.
And It is only then,
That the screen ‘understands’
I’ve escaped — temporarily.
But it waits.  Patiently.

Relentlessly I am pursued
By the other two
But the screen relaxes confidently —
It already has me
Its trance overwhelms me.

Minutes turn to hours,
Hours turn to days,
Days turn to weeks.
The other two still at war,
Each side adding soldiers
In hopes of finally winning the battle.

But only time will tell
Which will be victorious
Until then I remain
Enslaved by the screen…

Inspired by my Downtown Abbey addiction which lasted a good 2 months. I am now in withdrawal as I patiently await the day Season 6 is available to stream!


Originally published: October 2015

Contents written: September 17 2015  |  Edited: September 22 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

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Relentless pursuit of happiness


The relentless pursuit of her own happiness makes me wonder why I have not been as relentless about my own.

She demands attention while I am not as bold preferring instead to be silently content.

She demands to be catered to while I have gone without for what seems like ages waiting my turn — patiently.

She makes a huge scene when she cannot get her way, while I may voice my discontent but silently plot my Plan B.

It begs to wonder which of us is truly happy?

Is it she, who has forced her way obnoxiously into the face of others to demand love and attention? Or is it I, who have been humble, patient and content with what I have and found happiness there?

I find it hard to wrap my arms around her brazen ways, but have a spot for her in my heart as there are many other things I admire about her.

I wonder what qualities she dislikes about me? Does she love the rest of me anyways?

Only time will tell, but for now all I can do is hope others come to love her as much as I do — my rambunctious little monster princess — a.k.a my munchkin 🙂


Originally published: October 2016

Contents written: August 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises


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The day after “goodbye”

Image Source: Yahoo images (pintrest.com)
Image Source: Yahoo images (pintrest.com)

She woke up that morning unsure of what to do with herself. She reached for the phone to send him a “good morning” message but remembered, yeah, they agreed to not do that anymore.

She really should have been doing her morning meditation anyway, but her heart wasn’t in it. She was overcome by the intense feeling of loss — She was missing him terribly.

It was her day off. She’d hoped to have breakfast or coffee with him but he had to work. But yeah, they’re not doing that anymore either. It’s over! Everything’s over!!!

So there she sat, at the benches approaching the beach, replaying the events of the first walk they took together, wishing he was there next to her, holding her hand and making her weak in the knees by the way his eyes looked into her soul. She missed him so much it hurt. She sat silently, staring off into the distance, lost in thought, and simply dying inside.

She finally summoned the strength to walk along the boardwalk, slowly, in the direction of her home, in the opposite direction of his. She’d hoped her melancholy pace would delay the inevitable emptiness that awaited her there. She knew that the longer she stayed among the brave souls doing their morning exercises it would deter her from collapsing into a puddle of tears once alone. But home finally arrived and before she could finish her cup of tea the tears began to fall like rain.

By 10 am all hopes of having a productive day were gone and she crawled into bed with a box of tissue and her phone as her only companions. There she spent the rest of the day crying, sleeping and wishing it was all a bad dream, but it wasn’t.

“This too small pass!” she told herself, for she knew that all too well. She’d been there before but somehow this time seemed different. Perhaps because she knew there would be an end to “their story” — that what they had wasn’t meant to last forever — but she just didn’t expect the end to arrive so soon. Nor did she expect to fall in love with a guy so much younger and of a spiritual persuasion similar to hers but of a religion so steeped in rituals and tradition their union would never be accepted. This wasn’t what either of them expected and she wondered how “fate” could be so cruel. What was the point to bring him into her life when she wasn’t even looking to meet anyone? What was the point to them bonding so easily, so wonderfully, so completely only to have that bond be broken so suddenly, so soon? What lesson was she/were they meant to learn from all this? What was the point of all of it???

Saying goodbye would have been so much easier if she didn’t love him, but she did. It would have been easier if he was cruel, but he wasn’t. In fact he cared for her deeply and his actions spoke of this often even more than his words. Somehow though, she had to love him enough to let him go but doing so would be torture!

She thought:

How do I forget you
When I don’t want to?
How do I stop missing you
When you’re all I think about?
How do I stop needing you
When you made me feel so complete?
How do I move on
When you mean so much more than words can say?

My world seems empty now
My smiles have disappeared
My eyes are sad and teary
My heart is broken
I mourn for you as though you’ve died
I miss you so much it hurts

And then she wondered if he was missing her too…

[This is Part 10 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 11(end) or Start from the beginning.]

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Originally published: October 2015

Contents written: October 12 2015 | Edited: October 18 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises