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Relentless pursuit of happiness


The relentless pursuit of her own happiness makes me wonder why I have not been as relentless about my own.

She demands attention while I am not as bold preferring instead to be silently content.

She demands to be catered to while I have gone without for what seems like ages waiting my turn — patiently.

She makes a huge scene when she cannot get her way, while I may voice my discontent but silently plot my Plan B.

It begs to wonder which of us is truly happy?

Is it she, who has forced her way obnoxiously into the face of others to demand love and attention? Or is it I, who have been humble, patient and content with what I have and found happiness there?

I find it hard to wrap my arms around her brazen ways, but have a spot for her in my heart as there are many other things I admire about her.

I wonder what qualities she dislikes about me? Does she love the rest of me anyways?

Only time will tell, but for now all I can do is hope others come to love her as much as I do — my rambunctious little monster princess — a.k.a my munchkin πŸ™‚


Originally published: October 2016

Contents written: August 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



13 thoughts on “Relentless pursuit of happiness”

    1. I haven’t been seeing your posts. I thought you just weren’t posting. I just realized I somehow “unfollowed” you. Seems weird things happen when I use the WordPress app. Had I not been on my computer tonight I might not have caught it, since I’m always on my phone. Sucks..sorry 😦

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      1. No worries. I have done the same, in fact I think I once accidentally unfollowed you. My theory is that on mobile devices, everything is so close together, it is super easy to touch something you do not intend to touch. I always wonder what the other person thinks when I follow them again after unfollowing them. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by too many things in my reader and then I unfollow people for a while and come back later. I can get a little compulsive -as though I have to read everything every day, and I wear out. But I try not to unfollow my blog friends that I interact with often. I try to read consistently.

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  1. I have gone without for what seems like ages waiting my turn β€” patiently.

    I notice my kids don’t have this skill either. The older I get the happier I am, seeing them demand a part for themselves, while my sadness over my own wait is singed with a bit more of the bitter, if I had only known sooner would I have demanded for myself?

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    1. I’m learning to demand what I need now. It makes life so much easier. It’s the only way to know if what you need is what the other person can deliver. Waiting around to find out can often end in disappointment and a lot of wasted time. I’m not 25 anymore and my time is way too precious to waste.

      Here’s to our pursuit. Hugs 🌷 ☺

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