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“Hi, how are you?”

hi how are you
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How are you?
How was your day?
Would love to hear all about it!

This is my routine with munchkin everyday. This simple act has many uses:
a) It’s my way of hearing what went on at school (and at afterschool)
b) it keeps her engaged so she doesn’t run off down the sidewalk (little trick I learned ☺)
c) It encourages her to think about the appropriate answer for my question
d) it trains her to remember events in chronological order

Living in the fast-paced environment as New York can make us forget the simpler things in life that bring us joy. A simple “Hi, how are you?” is said without even expecting a real answer. The words just fall out of our mouths and we keep moving. And if by chance we linger just long enough to get a reply then we’re actually surprised!

I’m guilty of the aforementioned scenario and when a person opens up and really starts telling me EVERYTHING I wonder how long they’ve been waiting to have someone ask and genuinely listen.

Been feeling a little lonely lately. I miss having deep, intelligent, grownup conversations with people who actually know how to listen effectively. There are a few people with whom I communicate regularly but I keep them at arms length because something is missing. They simply don’t know how to engage in conversation that demonstrates reciprocity and at the end of it I’m either exhausted, frustrated or disgusted and have made a mental note to not do that again any time soon. So I write, read your blogs, comment, and read the comments of others. It’s the next best thing to conversation. And though it is by no means a substitute for a live, warm body with whom to chat, or to ask about their day, and to hear their recount and relish every detail, it helps to have a few ears out there in Blog Land to honestly listen.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read and comment. You are appreciated!

Hugs and best wishes,



Originally published: December 6 2015

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Food on Friday ~ Gluten Free

Here are some fun recipes to try if you’re not too busy this weekend. Thanks Jack for always making me hungry! 😀

Happy weekend everyone.

July 15 2016


Gluten is bad for a guy.  At least that’s what I’ve been reading.  I only vaguely know that gluten is found in flour, and I’ve mostly eschewed wheat flour anyhow.  As I don’t use milk I don’t eat breakfast cerials either.  Here’s a clue to gluten, it’s basically glue, so a gluten-free diet or reduced gluten diet sounds like a good thing.  Some people suffer from celiac disease, which means they must have a completely gluten free diet.  There is evidence that reducing the amout of gluten you eat / drink helps to reduce unsigtly tummy bloating, and women especially don’t want a beer belly.  There are some easier ways to reduce abdominal bloating, and cutting down on gluten is one.

MyTop Tip ~ Stop Drinking Beer.

Gluten – Free Recipes

From the kitchen of Cookie + kate, (Cookie is the dog), we give…

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A dose of reality


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Now that I’m older
I’ve come to realize
That the things
Which mattered at 25
No longer have
The same significance.

I now wonder why
I wasted so much time
On such trivialities?
But then,
How could I have known?

Listening to the voices
Of those who had gone before
Seemed like cheating,
For what good is a life
If not lived firsthand?

So now I’ve learned
That I must hold my tongue,
For advice doled out unrequested
Is often rejected by the young.

For they too must live firsthand
Wasting time on the trivialities
That eventually become
A life well-lived
Hopefully with no regrets.



Originally published: December 2015

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Letting go…

Her final wish…

One day…
May the woman of your dreams
Love you fiercely.
May she know your value,
Nurture your spirit
Empower your soul,
Calm your fears
And make you happy
Beyond your wildest dreams.
And if it means
She makes you forget
All about me,
Then she has earned
Her place in your life.
I just hope she’ll discover as I did
How special you are.
Find love, be happy, be safe,
And most of all
Be free to find your destiny!

Those were the words she wrote to him in final acceptance of the end of their romance. And then she cried endlessly…

[This is Part 11, the end of a series entitled “Their Story”. See The Prequel to the series or Start series from the beginning

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