A dose of reality


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Now that I’m older
I’ve come to realize
That the things
Which mattered at 25
No longer have
The same significance.

I now wonder why
I wasted so much time
On such trivialities?
But then,
How could I have known?

Listening to the voices
Of those who had gone before
Seemed like cheating,
For what good is a life
If not lived firsthand?

So now I’ve learned
That I must hold my tongue,
For advice doled out unrequested
Is often rejected by the young.

For they too must live firsthand
Wasting time on the trivialities
That eventually become
A life well-lived
Hopefully with no regrets.



Originally published: December 2015

Contents written: December 2 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises



9 thoughts on “A dose of reality”

    1. Absolutely.

      My little one is just 4 and already I am learning to loosen the reigns and let her learn some things on her own.

      For instance, it would be cold out but she’ll insist on wearing a light jacket. Luckily when we walk the dog we have a bit of a test run as to the actual temps outside vs inside, so by the time we get back in she’ll realize how cold it really is and willing opt for a heavier jacket. But she, like me, is very stubborn, so I see myself in her a lot and I know all too well the power struggle at play, for I once too had to fight for my independence learning to trust my own instincts, making my own mistakes and learning the hard way.

      It’s all a right of passage, should we so choose to embrace it.

      Thanks for chiming in. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. Hugs

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