Food on Friday ~ Gluten Free

Here are some fun recipes to try if you’re not too busy this weekend. Thanks Jack for always making me hungry! 😀

Happy weekend everyone.

July 15 2016


Gluten is bad for a guy.  At least that’s what I’ve been reading.  I only vaguely know that gluten is found in flour, and I’ve mostly eschewed wheat flour anyhow.  As I don’t use milk I don’t eat breakfast cerials either.  Here’s a clue to gluten, it’s basically glue, so a gluten-free diet or reduced gluten diet sounds like a good thing.  Some people suffer from celiac disease, which means they must have a completely gluten free diet.  There is evidence that reducing the amout of gluten you eat / drink helps to reduce unsigtly tummy bloating, and women especially don’t want a beer belly.  There are some easier ways to reduce abdominal bloating, and cutting down on gluten is one.

MyTop Tip ~ Stop Drinking Beer.

Gluten – Free Recipes

From the kitchen of Cookie + kate, (Cookie is the dog), we give…

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