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Boys vs Men…


Just so you know…
I saw you that day —
You saw me, hid your face, then ran away.

I’ll never forget
The image of you
Scampering off into the distance.

Those are the actions of a boy not a man.
I pretended not to see you
But, behind my sunglasses, I did.

In that very instant I realized
Everything you said of yourself was true,
But I’ll leave you now to recall your own words…

Contents written: June 23 2016  |  Originally published: July 16 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Was that you?


I saw you standing there
Staring off into the distance.
Just moments before,
You politely weaved your way
Through the crowd,
Then found a safe spot on the platform
Awaiting the southbound train.

You seemed deep in thought
And perhaps a little sad,
For the glimpse of smile
I saw seconds before,
Though genuine, disappeared quickly
As if another emotion held it hostage.

You seemed well physically,
Tall and lean as I remember,
Your hair a tad bit longer,
Hands in your pockets to shield the cold
But you seemed uneasy – – troubled.

I wish we could talk like we used to.
You always told me your thoughts
No matter how painful they were to hear at times.
I respected that about you
But I no longer exist in your world.

I’m just a memory fading fast,
Perhaps even distant.
Perhaps I’ve already been forgotten – –
A ghost of sorts – –
No longer real or relevant.

It’s sad actually…
Since for me you haven’t faded yet
Your memory is very much alive
And I have no clue how to erase you.

I watched you board the train,
Unaware that I’d been so close
But yet unable to comfort you.
And then you were gone…

So was that you?
Or was it just
My vivid imagination?



Contents written: Jan 6 2016  |   Originally published: January 2016   |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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Sweet love…

Touch me,
In only places you can
With your Mercy and Grace.

Anoint me,
From head to toe
With your Wisdom and Understanding.

Hold me,
So close to you
That I may behold your Beautiful Soul.

Fill me,
With Abundant Joy
That I have never known.

Take my hand,
And be my guide
For it’s You Alone I trust.

Take my heart,
Guard and Cherish it forever
For you are The Only One who can.

Love me,
Like I’ve never been loved before
For you are my Lord,  My Savior, My Everything!

Contents written: January 16 2016  |  Originally published: January  17 2016  |  Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises