When Suffering Becomes a Gift

Here’s an interesting perspective on how the trials of life can strengthen your character and be a source of unexpected blessings. Enjoy! 🌷

July 22 2016

Pens and Journals

IMG_0144 (2)x

We are handing in the keys to our temporary home tomorrow.  After almost 11 months, this place is no longer needed.

The most intense part of my husband’s Leukemia treatments are behind us.

We spent 3 weeks at our real home this month and returned here this week for Bob’s check-up and biopsy.  He’s still in remission and we are going home for good now only to return for periodic cancer checks.

As I walk through the rooms of this small apartment packing up the last of our belongings, I can’t help but think back on all that’s happened here.  There were many days of uncertainty.  Many lonely nights for me as Bob spent days, weeks, months of his own lonely days and nights in the hospital.

There were dressing changes, IV magnesium and antibiotic infusions, long periods of time when all Bob could do was sleep in this space…

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3 thoughts on “When Suffering Becomes a Gift”

    1. You’re right! But It’s not my husband. It’s a reblog from someone else’s page. Perhaps you’d like to head on over to her page and tell her your thoughts. ☺

      Hope you’re having a great day 🌷


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