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Your hands,
They know just where to go.
Slow yet steady,
Penetrating deep,
Healing, soothing, commanding,
Telling me it’s okay to “let go”.

They pause.
There is pressure —
Deliberate and concentrated.
They’ve found the knot —
One of many —
A source of my discomfort.
They move in circular motions now

I hold my breath
For a few seconds
Not wanting to be
Verbally inappropriate;
You ask if I’m okay.
I nod, “yes”.
I dare not speak
At least not yet.

Your hands,
They move to the
Damaged muscle now.
A few quick strokes to loosen
Then one long, slow stroke —
Concentrated, deep, pressure.

There is a shift.
I feel the tension release.
My muscles relax.
At last!

I exhale, finally.
You can tell I’m okay now,
There is no need to ask
But my time is up.
Your hands are amazing!
Although, I think you already know…

Contents written: November 6 2015 |  Originally published: November 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 – 2016 Moylom Enterprises