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Image source: Google images (imrmassage.com)

Your hands,
They know just where to go.
Slow yet steady,
Penetrating deep,
Healing, soothing, commanding,
Telling me it’s okay to “let go”.

They pause.
There is pressure —
Deliberate and concentrated.
They’ve found the knot —
One of many —
A source of my discomfort.
They move in circular motions now

I hold my breath
For a few seconds
Not wanting to be
Verbally inappropriate;
You ask if I’m okay.
I nod, “yes”.
I dare not speak
At least not yet.

Your hands,
They move to the
Damaged muscle now.
A few quick strokes to loosen
Then one long, slow stroke —
Concentrated, deep, pressure.

There is a shift.
I feel the tension release.
My muscles relax.
At last!

I exhale, finally.
You can tell I’m okay now,
There is no need to ask
But my time is up.
Your hands are amazing!
Although, I think you already know…

Contents written: November 6 2015 |  Originally published: November 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 – 2016 Moylom Enterprises


13 thoughts on “Distraction”

    1. Oh, you really should. They are awesome! There are also packages for couples where you can go with your hubby in the same room. It can make a great birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. Also there are massage therapists who do house calls (not sure what your location offers). They bring the table and set it up in a quiet space. Takes the hassle out of going to a facility then going back home.

      I had one years ago as a Xmas present to myself. She came over, did a 90min deep tissue massage, I paid her handsomely, had a cocktail and slept the rest of the day. It was awesome!

      You should sooooo try it! 😊
      Thanks for reading. Have a great Sunday!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My husband got me a gift card for a massage one Christmas. I used it just before its 12 month expiration. I felt awkward during the whole thing and couldn’t relax. Sigh. Such is the introvert’s burden. So I have to beg my husband for back rubs instead. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh, so sorry you couldn’t enjoy it. But it’s sweet though, that hubby is the only one your trust in your personal space 🙂


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